Aviation Industry Might Take 2 Years for Restoration

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The outbreak of Covid-19 has disrupted the global aviation industry. Since various nations around the globe are following lockdown as precautionary measures to curb the deadly virus, the entire Aviation industry has been banned from commercial operations. Only special cargo and rescue flights are being operated to help people who are stuck at Covid-19 countries and supply essential medical kits. The editor of Jetforce Journeys.com addressed the BBC radio and stated that two things would be the crucial factor for passengers that will decide their holiday plans. He also said that Air Travel would at least take two years to get back in the normal position.


Lots of People Will Lose Their Jobs

Ms Starley-Grainger addressed the BBC radio and stated her first point that lots of people would lose their jobs. Since every sector around the world is facing the wrath of Covid-19, a lot of people will lose their jobs as the companies will try to recover their financial status. This further will decrease the spending capacity of people. Since the money will be allocated on basic needs, people will not be able to afford holidays which will create less demand for Air travel.

Absence of Vaccination Will Make People Nervous

Since no vaccination has been developed around the globe to cure Covid-19 virus, Ms Starley-Grainger stated her second point and said that people would be afraid to travel and go on holidays as the threat of Covid-19 will be present. However, the entire globe is trying to find a cure for the deadly virus and make things normal again. To ensure safety, Social distancing is being advised to people to eliminate the thread of Covid-19. Also, precautionary measures are being taken by the aviation industry to ensure safe travel in future. Still, it is expected that Air Travel will take two years for restoration.

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