Axis Bank Vistara Credit Cards Offering Great Perks To Customers

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Vistara has aimed to bring new and luxury services for its customer to experience. After completing five years in the domestic market, Vistara could finally fly to international destinations as well. It has certainly helped the airline in capturing more market share since people who were travelling continuously with the airline in its domestic destinations could now also fly to international destinations with the airline. You have to admire Vistara’s efforts in not letting people feel the exit of Jet Airways back in 2019. It is remarkable to see how in such a short span Vistara was able to make its presence heard in the market and give tough competition to other airlines in India who were in the game from much longer. The airline is a joint venture between the Tata Sons and Singapore Airlines, maybe that is the reason why the airline has had the kind of growth it has seen. The airline has already made 15 million customers happy. Vistara now also allows group booking, so if you have a huge family or a group of friends, you can easily book tickets for all of you. As of now, there is another offer from the airline you should know about. The Axis bank Vistara credit cards bring a lot of unheard perks to the customers.



What Is The Offer Under Axis Bank Vistara Credit Cards? 

If you get yourself any credit card from Axis bank with the Vistara mentioned on the card as well, you will be eligible for perks offered by the airline. There are three categories of cards; Axis Vistara Card, Axis Vistara Signature Card, and Axis Vistara Infinite Card. All the cards have different offers entailed onto them. When you get an Axis Vistara Card, you get a complimentary Economy ticket along with Club Vistara membership. You will earn 2 CV Points for every Rs 200 you spend from the credit card. There are also milestones for it. If you spend Rs 50,000 from the Axis Bank Vistara Credit cards in a year, you will get 1,000 Bonus CV points and when you spend Rs 1,25,000 you get a free economy ticket. For Axis Vistara Signature Card you will get a complimentary Premium Economy ticket along with complimentary Club Vistara Silver membership. With this card, you will earn 4 CV points whenever you spend Rs 200. For milestones, if you spend Rs 75,000 in a year, you get 3,000 bonus CV points and when you spend Rs 1,50,000 and above, you get 1 premium economy ticket for free. Then the last card Is Axis Vistara Infinite Card. With this card, you get one complimentary business class ticket and Club Vistara Gold Membership. Whenever you spend Rs 200 with this card you will earn 6 Club Vistara Points. When you spend Rs 1,00,000 in a year, you will get 10,000 Bonus CV points and when you spend Rs 2,50,000 or more you get 1 business class ticket for free.

Terms and Conditions

Your joining fees for the Axis Bank Vistara credit cards will be charged in the first month from the card itself. After that, you will have to pay a yearly charge for it. The complimentary offers from the airline are only eligible once you pay the joining fees. If the joining fees are waived off for some reason, there will be no offer available from the airline to the cardholder. The lounge access will still be only available for business class flyers and Club Vistara Gold and Platinum members. Guests won’t be able to accompany Gold members in the lounge. All of the other Vistara terms and conditions apply as well.

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