Bangalore Airport to Get Only 1 CAT III B-Compliant Runway

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Bangalore airport is among the busiest airports in the country. It handles not only domestic but also international traffic. One of the key problems for airlines to operate flights in Bangalore airport in Winters is ‘fog’. Due to fog, visibility for the pilots' drop, which can result in fatal accidents. Thus, whenever there is too much fog, flights are delayed deliberately to avoid accidents. But a few days back, we reported about Bangalore airport getting a CAT III B-compliant runway which will enable pilots to operate flights in foggy weather. Well, the thing is, only one runway of the airport is going to be upgraded — more details on the story ahead.


Bangalore Airport South Runway to be Upgraded to CAT III B-Compliant

COVID-19 has hurt the revenues of the aviation sector, and every airport and airline in the country is feeling the impact. Bangalore airport has cancelled its plans of upgrading both the runways of the airport and making them CAT III B-compliant.

For the unaware, the North runway of the airport is currently CAT I certified. That means the runway will allow a pilot to land when the visibility is up to 550 metres. But CAT III B-compliance would have meant that the pilots could land in the North runway of the airport when the visibility was as low as up to 50 metres.

It would have sped up the flight operations at the airport. But now the plans for upgrading the North runway are gone. According to a report from BangaloreMirror, instead of upgrading both the South and North runways, the Bangalore International Airport Limited (BIAL) will only focus on the South runway.

The decision was taken after looking at what the stakeholders of the airport group felt was appropriate. The fog at the Bangalore airport is quite common in Winters from November to February period and often sets in between 3 AM and 8:30 AM. It is during December that the intensity of fog rises too high.

Even the South runway turning CAT III B-compliant by the end of this year is a positive thing for the airport and its operations.

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