Bangalore Airport’s New Terminal Building T2 Inaugurated by PM Modi

Designed as a tribute to the Garden city of Bengaluru, New Terminal T2 provides a "walk in the garden" experience for passengers. Currently, 36 Airlines are operating from Bangalore airport connecting to 76 domestic and 25 international destinations.

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Bangalore Airport's New Terminal Building T2 Inaugurated by PM Modi

Prime Minister Modi inaugurated the New Terminal T2 of Kempegowda International Airport on Friday. Built with a cost of around Rs 5000 Crore, the new terminal will double the passenger handling capacity from the current 2.5 crore to 5-6 crore passengers per annum.

Guiding Principles:

The design and architecture of Terminal 2 have been based on four guiding principles:

  1. Terminal in a garden
  2. Sustainability
  3. Technology
  4. Art & Culture

Terminal in a Garden:

Kempegowda International Airport New Terminal T2-3
Source: MoCA

Terminal 2 is designed as a tribute to the Garden city of Bengaluru. As Passengers will travel through 10,000+ sq mts of green walls, hanging gardens and outdoor gardens, the experience is meant to be a "walk in the garden".


Kempegowda International Airport New Terminal T2-2
Source: MoCA

Bengaluru Airport has already established a benchmark in sustainability with 100 per cent usage of renewable energy across the campus. Terminal 2 has been created with sustainability principles incorporated into the design.

Based on the sustainability initiatives, Terminal 2 will be the largest terminal in the world to be pre-certified platinum rating by US GBC (Green Building Council) before commencing operations.

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Artworks reflect the Culture of Karnataka:

Kempegowda International Airport New Terminal T2-1
Source: MoCA

The theme of ‘Naurasa’ unites all the commissioned artworks for Terminal 2. The artworks reflect the heritage and culture of Karnataka as well as the broader Indian ethos.

All these aspects showcase T2 as a terminal that is modern yet rooted in nature and offers a unique ‘destination’ experience to all travellers.

Greenfield Airport at Bengaluru:

The new Greenfield airport at Bengaluru had commenced its operation w.e.f. 24th May 2008, with the project cost of approx. Rs. 2470 crore, constructed on approx. 4008 acres of land. The Greenfield airport has been implemented on a Build Own Operate and Transfer (BOOT) model under Public Private Participation (PPP) basis. The airport was re-designated as Kempegowda International Airport on 17th July 2013.

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Current connectivity of the Bangalore airport

At present, 36 Airlines are operating from Bangalore airport connecting to 76 domestic and 25 international destinations.

Terminal 1 Capacity:

The present designated capacity of Terminal 1 (T1) spread across the area of 1,63,535 sqm is 26.5 Million Passenger Per Anum (MPPA), stretchable to 33.3 Million Passenger Per Anum (Pax handled in FY 19-20).

Financial-Year wise passengers handled at Bangalore Airport

YearDomestic passengers (in MPPA)International passengers (in MPPA)Total passengers
(in MPPA)
FY23 ( up to September 22 )12.321.6813.99

Airtel powers New Terminal T2 with 5G

Ahead of the formal inauguration of the New Terminal, Bharti Airtel on 3rd November, announced the deployment of Airtel 5G Plus in Terminal 2, making it the first airport in India to get access to the ultrafast 5G network. Airtel customers with 5G smartphones can enjoy high-speed Airtel 5G Plus on their existing data plans.

Customers can enjoy blazing speeds on their mobile phones while they are at the arrival and departure terminals, lounges, boarding gates, migration and immigration areas, security gates, baggage claim belt areas etc.

Future connectivity projections and the need for a new terminal

Bengaluru International Airport Limited (BIAL) expects that annual traffic will grow beyond 50 million in FY 2026 and would cross 60 million by FY 2028.

The newly constructed Terminal 2 of the airport, having an area of 2,55,645 sqm, will have a 25 Million Passenger Per Anum (MPPA) designated capacity taking the total capacity of T1+T2 to 51.5 Million Passenger Per Anum (MPPA) stretchable to 60 MPPA. This increased capacity will enable the airport to cater to the growth in passenger footfall in near future.

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