British Airways Flight Cancellation: How To Use The Credit Voucher

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Flight cancellation has become a common thing during the global pandemic COVID-19 outbreak. If you have cancelled a flight with British Airways, then don’t worry, the British Airways flight cancellation norms during the crisis will only help you. The airline will give you back a credit voucher of the airline against the base fare of the ticket which you cancelled. You can use this voucher to book yourself the next flight from British Airways. The voucher is officially called the ‘Future Travel Voucher’ from the airline.


How Do You Find Your British Airways Travel Voucher

Vouchers are returned to the customer in the registered email id with which the booking was made. If the bookings were made for two customers using the same email id, the vouchers would come separately for both of them. These vouchers won’t be displayed under the Executive Club Account, so do not waste your time looking there. The vouchers will only come in your email. A customer can try searching for ‘Future Travel Voucher’ in their mail to find it.

Features Of The Future Travel Voucher From British Airways

The voucher returned to you is only valid for one year from the date it was issued. There will be a voucher number which will be followed by a ten-digit unique code. The voucher will contain the original PNR number of your booking. Your voucher will exactly be of the same worth as of the ticket of the base fare. To use these vouchers, you will have to have to call British Airways. That’s the only way you can use it. If you have multiple vouchers with you, you can use them for the same booking as well if the new booking is more expensive than the worth of one voucher. You can only use these vouchers with British Airways to book flight tickets.

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