British Airways Flight Policies For Customers Who have Existing Bookings With The Airline

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People are frustrated over their flight bookings at the moment. They are not getting their refunds, and most of the airlines are instead giving out flight credits to the people who can’t travel during the period. It is the same with British Airways. The airline had many bookings from customers for the year ahead and now everyone’s holidays are ruined. British Airways has been forced to ground a substantial size of its feet. Thus every booking has to be cancelled for the near future. This is why you should know British Airways flight policies.


How to Claim a Refund With British Airways?

If you have a flight cancelled with British Airways due to the global pandemic, you can claim a refund of the amount you paid for the booking. You will have to call the airline on 0800-727-800 (within the UK only). Though the frustrating part about this would be the wait, you will have to face. Many customers are calling at the same time, and that is why the airline has requested customers to have patience during the time of crisis. There is no other way to claim a refund. Another way for you if you are not claiming the refund is to get airlines credits.

British Airways Airline Credits

If your travel has been cancelled by the airline already and you were due to travel between now and July 31, you don’t have to worry as you can claim a voucher from the airline which will have the credits which you can use for future bookings. But what happens to the people who have booked their flights after July 31? There is no need to worry, British Airways has a Book with Confidence policy. The details of the policy are mentioned on the airline's website. Sadly, the policy isn’t explained very clearly so you might not understand what it is, but you can clear it out with the customer support of the airline. For now, there is no clarity on when British Airways would be in the sky again.

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