British Airways Might Lose Valuable Slots at Heathrow Airport

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British Airways is stuck in the middle of various problems. The airline is said to be losing 20 Million pounds every single day. Also, the airline is letting go of some aircraft, including Boeing 747 fleet for financial stability. As per a poll commissioned by Unite Union, British Airways might lose some of its slots at Heathrow airport. At least 76 % of the conservative voters stated that the current landing slot arrangements of British Airways at Heathrow Airport must be reviewed. If British Airways lose the slots in Heathrow Airport, the airline will face more distress in future.

British Airways Own Half Slots at Heathrow Airport

British Airways has marked its dominance over Heathrow Airport. The airline nearly owns half of the landing slots at Heathrow Airport, and it is the only airline to hold such major chunk of slots. The major reason behind losing the slots is the disgrace plans of the airline to fire its staff and rehire them again and ultimately cut down thousands of jobs to save the operational cost. As per information available on the internet, the airline is planning to make 12,000 of its 42,000 staff redundant and change employment terms for the remainder.

British Airways is Facing Huge Criticism

Unite stated that 49% of the people who took part in the poll and has travelled with British Airways in the past would likely not use airline in future. Sharon Graham, who is the executive officer of Unite, stated that the airline is firing its loyal workforce of their terms and condition in the middle of a health crisis. If the airline continues to be dominant and unfair towards its workforce, it should not enjoy the benefits from the landing slots at Heathrow airport.

British Airways is Protecting Many Jobs

Sharon also stated that the airline can rebuild its goodwill and reputation by stopping the attack on its workforce and enter into sensible negotiations. A spokesperson from British Airlines noted that the airline is protecting as many jobs as possible Not only this, the spokesperson added that the airline is facing the deepest structural change in history. The airline has also proposed Unite and GMB to work together and protect more jobs for a new future.

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