British Airways Might Suspend 36,000 Staff Amidst Coronavirus Outbreak

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British Airways, the second-largest carrier in the United Kingdom might suspend its 80 % workforce due to losses caused by the deadly Covid-19. It is expected that nearly 36,000 staff will be suspended from the job. However, British Airways will not remove aviation staff from their jobs. The airline is still closely working with the Unite Union to strike a final call on the suspension. British Airways has already cancelled its daily service from London to Sydney via Singapore.


Who will be Suspended from the Jobs?

As per the BBC reports, nearly 36,0000 staff from all sectors will be suspended. The list will include cabin crew, airport staff, engineers and many other staff working at the Airport and offices. However, for Pilots who are represented by the BALPA Union, the negotiations are still under progress. But it is known that British Airways is closely working with the BALPA Union to avoid any suspensions of Pilots.

Suspended Staff Will be Paid

Aviation staff who will be suspended form their jobs will not lose their jobs forever. The situations will be back to normal once the threat of Covid-19 is neutralised. As a sign of relief, British Airways is closely working with the Unite Union to remunerate the suspended staff. It is expected that the staffs who will be suspended will be placed in a special government scheme which will protect their jobs. Not only this, but the government will also pay approximately 80 % of the usual salary up to 2,500 Euros a month to the suspended staff.

Global Aviation Will Suffer Because of Covid-19

Coronavirus has disrupted global aviation. It is expected that the worldwide aviation will face huge losses as the demand for Air Travel has been decreased due to the Spread of Covid-19. To stop and combat the deadly virus, Indian Aviation has banned all Aviation operations until April 14, 2020.

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