Catching a Flight Post Lockdown: Get Ready to be Used to a New Normal

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Once the lockdown lifts, you will have to abide by new rules and regulations for catching a flight. Boarding a flight post lockdown will be an entirely different experience for you. Be ready to reach airports very early and be scanned while entering the airport and exiting it. You will find a lot of people standing at the cross-marks at the airport to ensure social distancing. There will be many changes brought upon the way passengers check-in for their flights, collect their baggage, and purchase items from food and beverage outlets. The airport authorities and airlines are currently discussing the best way to move forward once the commercial flight begin. Catching-a-Flight-Post-Lockdown-Information-Detailed

Airlines Would Want Less Luggage and No Cabin Baggage

The more luggage there is, the more are the chances of contamination. That is why airlines and authorities want people to carry less luggage and no cabin baggage at all. It would be best if you carried only one check-in bag. It might also happen that you be requested to present your medical certificate at the airport to confirm that you are healthy and safe to travel. There are also talks about providing customers with masks and gloves on board.

Rules Being Discussed by the Airport Authorities at The Moment

There are a lot of points and factors to consider before the commercial operations start. Right now, the airports are discussing things with security agencies to understand what can be done. The aviation ministry will soon come with something substantial as it is already in consultation with the health ministry. Right now, people are looking at May 17 as the date when a lockdown is going to lift, and airlines are hoping that they can start their operations then. Some of the rules requested by the Central Industrial Security Force (CISF) asked the passengers to reach the airport a minimum of two hours before the scheduled departure of the flight. Much recently, it was found that Airports Authority of India (AAI) released a Standard operational procedure (SOP) which said that the passengers would have to reach the airport three hours before the departure of the flight. Which rules will be finally implemented and which won’t only be known once the airports restart.

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