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AirAsia and Skyports Partner to Explore Air Taxi Vertiport Development in Malaysia

Skyports Infrastructure, the world’s leading Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) infrastructure developer, and AirAsia’s Advanced Air Mobility, a dedicated unit of AirAsia Aviation Group Limited (the aviation arm of Capital A), have signed a Letter of Intent (LoI) to explore the development of air taxi infrastructure in Malaysia. Partnership Brings AAM Industry Expert and Traditional Airline Operator Together: The partnership between AAM industry expert Skyports, and AirAsia, a traditional airline operator,... Read More

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AirAsia India Leads On-Time Performance Charts for the Third Month Consecutively as per the DGCA Reports

Who likes delayed flights and disturbing schedules? Maybe AirAsia India is also on the same feeling, and hence striving to be the most punctual airline. Leading On-Time Performance for the third month, AirAsia continued its dominance in the punctuality segment, as per the data reported by the Directorate General of Civil Aviation. We know how busiest the metro airports are, as they carry most of the air traffic and that... Read More

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AirAsia India Introduces Provisions for the Differently-Abled Community

As a way to honour the International Day of Persons with Disabilities and to execute its commitment to the differently-abled community, AirAsia India has launched its in-flight safety manual in braille. The airline collaborated with Helen Keller Institute for the Deaf and Deafblind to design the manual. Besides, the airline has added a new provision on its website and mobile app to enable the differently-able to pre-book for wheelchair assistance.... Read More

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Indigo Very Clear on ‘Defence’ Strategies as Competition Rises

As the airline industry of the country is expected to have a rise in competition, one of the top executives of the major Indian airline Indigo said that they are very clear with their defensive strategies. As the number of vaccinated travelers is increasing and restrictions in regards to travel are being lifted, the sector is seeing a comeback in a high number of passengers after getting hugely impacted by... Read More

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AirAsia Premium Up Facility To Boost Customer Expectations

AirAsia has been one of the most prominent airlines in India in the last few years. The airline has been nothing but constant and innovative with their services. Customer satisfaction is the main goal for any business and AirAsia has been very good at it. Whether you want to enjoy luxury in the AirAsia red lounge or you want to enjoy tasty inflight meals, the airline has got you covered.... Read More

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AirAsia Red Lounge: the Perfect Place For Experiencing Luxury At Airports   

AirAsia has made its presence heard in the Indian markets. Majorly for providing a really good international flight experience to its customers. But the big news that has hit the market is that the airline is giving its rights to be controlled by the Tata group in India. There will be no influence on the airline in its direct operations in India. AirAsia India is going to be independently controlled... Read More

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AirAsia Malaysia Strict With Flying Rules Amidst Global Pandemic

16 It makes perfect sense that any airline which will be operating commercial flights today will be much more strict with the safety laws. AirAsia Malaysia is back on the sky again with flying commercial flights. The flights have started from April 29. Now, passengers need to be very careful about how they are going to the airport. Without a face mask, you won’t be allowed to board the plane.... Read More

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AirAsia Passengers Can Book Seats of Their Liking: Here is How

If you are familiar with AirAsia’s history, you might know that the low-cost carrier started its operations way back in 2001. The airline had only 2 planes in its fleet and those two were also not new, but ageing aircraft. But as of now, the airline is very settled with its operations and keeps providing excellent services to its customers. AirAsia currently has a fleet of 272 aircraft and it... Read More

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Vistara and AirAsia Baggage Policies, Differences You Should Know 

Both of the airlines, Vistara and AirAsia are pretty successful. Vistara being the joint venture of Tata Sons and Singapore Airlines has had a good capital backup since it commenced its operations. Vistara is the only full-service carrier of the nation. Whereas, AirAsia is the largest airline of Malaysia. It covers over 165 destinations in 25 countries and has a big fleet of aircraft. Both the airlines have pretty sweet... Read More

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IndiGo TrawellTag or AirAsia Tune Protect Travel Insurance: Which One is Better

Flight travel is considered as the safest form of travel. All the carriers in the aviation sector provide exclusive benefits to their passengers to give them a comfortable flying experience. However, sometimes passengers face inevitable mishaps which hamper their comfortable and worry-free journey. To ensure that passengers enjoy a safe trip and avoid any sudden accidents India’s largest carrier IndiGo and Malaysia’s largest carrier AirAsia provides travel insurance add-on services... Read More

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AirAsia Flight Cancellation and Change Policies Explained

AirAsia recently celebrated the arrival of its first Airbus A321neo aircraft. The airline currently operates a fleet of 272 aircraft. AirAsia has made a lot of progress and captured a sustainable share in the market. One of the innovative services that the airline recently started was its web check-in facility inside the New Delhi Metro Station to save their flyers a lot of time. But AirAsia did something that no... Read More

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AirAsia Big Membership Offers Exclusive Benefits to Members Like Free Flights, Events Among Others

AirAsia is one of the most used reputable airlines in India. Over the years, it has made several improvisations to its services to be able to provide its customers with a new experience. It is also referred to as a budget carrier in India. It is because it allows a very cheap travel experience when compared with its peers in the aviation industry. Recently, AirAsia announced its 6 million ticket... Read More

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AirAsia Launches Technology Courses in Partnership With Google to Train Employees

Malaysia based carrier, AirAsia is making new leaps in the aviation industry. We got to know a few weeks earlier that AirAsia has started a new restaurant featuring its in-flight meals. Now, AirAsia has made a new interesting move in which it has launched a technology academy in partnership with Google. This news comes from CNBC which has noted that AirAsia Google Cloud Academy, which is the name of this... Read More

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Best Delhi-Mumbai Flights You Can Opt for Your December Vacations

December is the month where we all kind of want to enjoy the festivities of Christmas and take a break from our heavy scheduled lives. This is a month where aviation companies have to manage loads of bookings. One of the most booked routes by people in India is Delhi-Mumbai during this month. So every major airline has this route set as one of its priorities. Frankly, it is a... Read More

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