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American Airlines Basic Economy: All You Should Know

If you want to travel in the cheapest American Airlines flight, you should book the airline’s Basic Economy ticket. There are some restrictions on the baggage that you will likely face. Before we go ahead, let’s first understand what Basic Economy is. So American Airlines Basic Economy is built to provide the cheapest flying options to passengers. You will find restrictions with baggage, the seats that you choose, and on... Read More

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American Airlines Premium Economy: An Elevated Flying Experience Awaits You

If you want a little bit of luxury in your flight experience but at a cheap cost, you can try out American Airlines Premium Economy seats. You will be amazed to see how good the Premium Economy can feel. Its an upgrade from the Main Cabin/Main Cabin Extra which the airline offers. American Airlines Premium Economy is designed to help you get an elevated flying experience. It includes some of... Read More

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American Airlines Main Cabin Extra: Is it Better than Main Cabin?

American Airlines has one of the most diverse cabin classes. One of its classes is Main Cabin Extra. If you are thinking about it, then yes, it is an extension to the services of the airline’s Main Cabin. With the Main Cabin Extra, you will get a little more of everything that you get on the Main Cabin. You will be able to enjoy more space in your flight with... Read More

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American Airlines To Provide Protective Gears For Customers

American Airlines has been doing its part in helping people during the time of the global pandemic. The airline recently donated 25,000 meals to the local communities in America to help them. Things haven’t been the easiest for the airline given the low demand for flying in the global aviation industry at the moment. But the airline is ready to serve the customers and make their flights very safe. American... Read More

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American Airlines is Increasing The Baggage Charges For Transatlantic Flights

American Airlines is soon going to increase their baggage charges for passengers when they board transatlantic flights. This increase in price will affect basic economy passengers only. At present, the travellers had to pay $60 for the first checked bag, but now that price will be moved up to $70. This new rule will be only applicable to the new bookings that take place. All the old reservation are exempted... Read More

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American Airlines AAdvantage Program: All You Need To Know

One of the things that we always look for is benefits and bonuses out of the purchases we make. Now, almost every airline offers plenty of benefits under its loyalty programs. American Airlines is one such airline. With the American Airlines AAdvantage program, you will be able to earn flyer miles. These flyer miles can be redeemed for many services and products. If you are a member of the Program,... Read More

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American Airlines First Class: Everything You Should Know

American Airlines offers one of the best First Class flight services. Wondering what you will get with the American Airlines First Class? Keep on reading. First of all, there are people who say that the First Class seats of the airline are not much different from their Business Class, to clear this up, while this is not entirely a lie, it is not entirely a truth either. There are things... Read More

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American Airlines Gift Passengers With Free Streaming Of Apple TV+

American Airlines is the world's largest airline when measured by scheduled passengers carried. The airline has added a new free service for its passengers. A spokesperson from American Airlines said the airline has collaborated with Apple. The collaboration between the two giants has happened to provide free Apple TV+ streaming to passengers. The agreement was an outcome of American Airlines reaching to Apple for the same. Any passenger who has... Read More

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American Airlines Grounded Boeing 737 Max Might Return by Year End

If you are familiar with the Boeing 737 Max, then you know why these aircraft were grounded. But if you are not, keep reading. Back in 2018 and then in 2019, two commercial flights (Boeing 737 Max) from two different airlines crashed resulting in 346 casualties. Looking at this, China was the first country to suspend all the 737 Max operations nationwide. Followed by the decision, America also did the... Read More

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American Airlines Not Willing To Compromise On Mask Requirement Policy

American Airlines is the world's largest airline when measured by fleet size. The airline has made it clear that all the passengers are supposed to be wearing masks at all time. American Airlines has asked the passengers to wear a mask whether they are on-board or on the ground. Only children below the age of 2 years are allowed to travel without masks. The airline announced that it will be... Read More

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American Airlines Change Plans For Bengaluru and Seattle Daily Flights 

Much recently, American Airlines announced that they are going to start a daily non-stop flights between Bengaluru and Seattle later in October this year. But the airline has just issued another statement in which they said that they would not be starting the direct flight service this year. The start date is likely to be the winter of next year. The coronavirus global pandemic has put the airline in a... Read More

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