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UK Airlines in a Fix as They Struggle to Hire Staff

Airlines in the UK have been going through a rough patch for the last couple of months as they battle with the problem of understaffing. The airlines in the country have been forced to cancel their flights on multiple occasions because of the shortage of staff. There has been a constant lack of an operable workforce which has disrupted flight schedules and caused numerous frustrated passengers to become stranded. The... Read More

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Russia Bans British Airways From Using Its Airports and Airspace

In a move to punish London for imposing a ban on the Russian airline Aeroflot, Russia has banned UK’s British Airways from landing at its airports or crossing its airspace. The ban took effect from yesterday. “A restriction was introduced on the use of Russian airspace for flights of aircraft owned, leased or operated by an organisation linked to or registered in the UK,” Rosaviatsiya, the Russian agency responsible for... Read More

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British Airways Making Big Changes to Become More Premium

British Airways, the flag carrier of the United Kingdom (UK) is making big changes when it comes to becoming premium. The airline is focusing on both changes for passengers while on air as well as ground to offer a more wholesome experience. So what’s really changing? Onemileatatime reports that the airline is going to introduce a plant-based menu for passengers across its lounges which will also include a burger. This... Read More

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British Airways to Bring Back Free Snacks and Beverages

British Airways has brought back free snacks and beverages for the passengers. The airline’s boss has admitted in an open letter that it was a mistake to stop offering free snacks to the people flying with British Airways. Around six year ago, British Airways had stopped offering free snacks and beverages to the passengers on short-haul flights in a bid to make annuals savings of around 400 million pounds, reports... Read More

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British Airways Announces Four New Routes from London

British Airways, under its CityFlyer brand, has announced four European routes from the London City Airport (LCY). The four new routes are to Luxembourg, Milan, Barcelona, and Thessaloniki. According to a SimpleFlying report, the airline will deploy Embraer E190 aircraft. The aircraft has 98 seats. Since there’s no middle seat, the aircraft is loved by frequent flyers. The new flights to Milan and Luxemburg will commence from March 27, 2022... Read More

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British Airways All Set to Commence its Flights to Johannesburg Once Again

In a recent development, as the UK government has once again binned its red-list, the national flag bearing airline British Airways has decided to restore its flights to Johannesburg this coming January. The reinstated flights from British Airways include Airbus A380 carriers. Earlier in December, as new travel restrictions were imposed due to a surge in the number of cases of Omicron variant, the airline had pushed back the commencement... Read More

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British Airways Not Flying to Hong Kong on Temporary Basis

British Airways, the flag carrier of the United Kingdom, has announced that it won’t be flying to Hong Kong on a temporary basis. According to a report from inews, a crew member of the airline was found COVID-19 positive. Add to that the threat of the new COVID variant, Omicron. Upon arrival at the Hong Kong International Airport, a staff member of the airline was found to be COVID-19 positive.... Read More

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British Airways to Provide Better Staff Policy as Recruitment Starts for Cabin Crew

In a move to encourage applications, British Airways is looking to offer staff travel perks right from day one as they look forward to hiring cabin crew for the summer of 2022. With many airlines now anticipating hiring new staff, this campaign from British Airways is a very clear indication that the industry is recovering from the crushing impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. According to a report from Aerotime, British... Read More

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British Airways to Resume Non-Stop Flights Between Armstrong and London

British Airways has confirmed that it will be resuming its non-stop flights between Heathrow Airport, London and the Armstrong International Airport. The airline will resume the concerned flights starting December 9, 2021. British Airways will initially go with three flights every week. The decision for resuming the non-stop flights in this route is the profits that it brought the airline. British Airways said that it had seen a huge demand... Read More

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British Airways Executive Club Frequent Flyer Program: All You Need To Know

With the British Airways Executive Club Frequent Flyer Program, you can earn Avios reward points whenever you fly with the airline or its partners. These points can be redeemed for hotels, upgrades, flights and more. So how do you join the British Airways Executive Club Frequent Flyer Program? Well, you can join the club for free, there are absolutely no charges at all. You just have to visit the airline’s... Read More

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British Airways Flight Cancellation: How To Use The Credit Voucher

Flight cancellation has become a common thing during the global pandemic COVID-19 outbreak. If you have cancelled a flight with British Airways, then don’t worry, the British Airways flight cancellation norms during the crisis will only help you. The airline will give you back a credit voucher of the airline against the base fare of the ticket which you cancelled. You can use this voucher to book yourself the next... Read More

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British Airways Flight Policies For Customers Who have Existing Bookings With The Airline

People are frustrated over their flight bookings at the moment. They are not getting their refunds, and most of the airlines are instead giving out flight credits to the people who can’t travel during the period. It is the same with British Airways. The airline had many bookings from customers for the year ahead and now everyone’s holidays are ruined. British Airways has been forced to ground a substantial size... Read More

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ICICI InterMiles Bank Credit Card – All You Need To Know  

Everyone wants to get benefits out of their credit card purchases. It is the sole reason they exist in the first place. Now with the help of ICICI InterMiles Bank credit cards, you can convert your daily shopping into your next flight. The InterMiles credit card offered by the ICICI Bank converts your shopping points into flyer miles so that you can use them in the future to book flights.... Read More

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British Airways and Air India to Operate International Flights Between India and UK: Check Details

International aviation operations were severely affected due to the outbreak of Covid-19. As the cases were rising rapidly, all the nations banned both domestic and international operations to stop the spread of the deadly virus. However, slowly nations started operating domestic flights to help stranded people reach their destinations. Now, to ease the entire operations in India and the UK, a deal has been finalised between the nations for international... Read More

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