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UK Airlines in a Fix as They Struggle to Hire Staff

Airlines in the UK have been going through a rough patch for the last couple of months as they battle with the problem of understaffing. The airlines in the country have been forced to cancel their flights on multiple occasions because of the shortage of staff. There has been a constant lack of an operable workforce which has disrupted flight schedules and caused numerous frustrated passengers to become stranded. The... Read More

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easyJet Expects the Coming Summer to be Really Good

easyJet, a low-cost United Kingdom (U.K.) based airline expects the coming summer to make a big difference in the airline’s operations. The airline said that ease in travel restrictions to beautiful summer beach destinations such as Spain, Turkey, and Greece has spurred the demand for flight travel upwards. This is because the Omicron threat has been lifted a little in the country. Johan Lundgren, Chief Executive Officer (CEO), easyJet, said,... Read More

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EasyJet Rules You Must Know About Before Travelling Abroad

EasyJet just like every other airline in the world has brought a series of changes to its rules and regulations concerned with travelling. It includes rules about everything, right from arriving at the airport, clearing security check, boarding the flight, and more. If you are travelling abroad with the airline, here are a few things that you should keep in mind. First of all, some of the countries require all... Read More

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