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Go First Introduces Daily Direct Flights to Mopa International Airport, Goa

Go First, the ultra-low-cost carrier, has announced new flights to the New Mopa International Airport, North Goa (GOX). With the inauguration of the new Airport on December 11, 2022, Goa now boasts two Airports to cater to the needs of travellers. Go First marked its presence at the new Goa Airport by announcing daily direct flights from three key cities to the new Mopa International Airport to provide more connectivity options... Read More

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Go First Further Indulges in a Government Loan Program for $49 Million

Go First, an Indian low-cost carrier, has been granted a government loan once more as it gets ready to restart operations. The carrier has had a difficult few months as it battles to meet demand as a result of planes being grounded. The current loan is a component of a government programme launched to provide financial assistance to industries most severely impacted by COVID lockdowns. Borrowable of Funds In accordance... Read More

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Go First Cafe: Go First Unveils an All New Inflight Menu

Go First, India's ultra low-cost carrier, has recently updated its inflight F&B offering with new treats. In September, the airline also offered its flyers to pre-book Festive Combo, month-long, coinciding with the Ganesh Chaturthi Festival Season. Now, the airline is back with a bang with an all-new inflight menu. Go First Cafe - Meals on the Go Crafted especially for you, Go First Cafe offers a range of choices, from... Read More

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Go First Has Added New Delectables to Its In-Flight Offerings

Go First, India's ultra low-cost carrier has recently added Festive Combo to its inflight F&B offering, considering the Ganesh Chaturthi Festival Season and Holiday Mood. Go First passengers who fly with the airline can enjoy in-flight festive delights, such as Indian Multigrain Kichidi, Refreshing Raita, and Sweet Steamed Modak, till 30 September 2022. The airline has now added new delectables to its inflight offerings in another development. Continue reading to know... Read More

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Go First Offers up to 16 Percent off for Bookings via Mobile App

We have recently discussed the Priority Services of India's ultra-low-cost airline, Go First. The carrier offers priority services to skip queues and make yourself a priority. Now, the airline is rewarding customers exclusively for booking via their mobile application. Read to know the finer details. Go First Introduces Exclusive Mobile App Offer: Now, Go First passengers can experience seamless booking via the mobile app along with exclusive offers. Go First... Read More

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Go First Priority Services That You Need to Know

India's ultra-low-cost airline, Go First, is known for its simple yet amazing services and offers. The airline offers services that matter to have a pleasant flying experience. As the airfare caps are removed, the airline is giving a stiff competition in the domestic segment by offering ultra low pricing in routes such as Ahmedabad and Mumbai. We have recently discussed the GoMore Fare of the airline, and in this story... Read More

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Go First Charter Services: What You Need to Know

Go First, formerly known as GoAir, tries to simplify things and offer services to customers that matter. We have recently discussed the in-flight food and beverage offerings from the airline and now, let's see what the airline has to offer those customers seeking a luxury experience. As we already discussed the use cases of a private charter service in our earlier stories, let's check what Go First is offering in... Read More

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Go First: Now You can Pre-book the Festive Combo and Enjoy Delicious Delights

Go First has a unique way to delight its customers flying with it. Considering the festive season, the airline has come up with delicious delights to offer you on board. Now passengers can pre-book the festive combo and enjoy a delectable in-flight meal. Go First In-flight Delicious Delights: So, passengers who fly with the airline can enjoy festive delights such as Indian Multigrain Kichidi, Refreshing Raita, and Sweet Steamed Modak... Read More

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Go First: GoMore Fare Lets You Get the Middle Seat Vacant

Sometimes, our seating matters the most while travelling to have a pleasant experience. There may be odd situations where one must have struggled sitting next to someone without basic social etiquette only to call it the worst flight experience. Back in 2020, Airlines introduced social distancing Add-ons and services to help passengers fly again. In short, quarantine rules have forced the airlines to come up with such services to instil... Read More

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Go First Is Offering Amazing Benefits to Fly on Tuesdays and Wednesdays

Go First, India’s ultra-low-cost airline that puts you first, is known for offering first-of-its-kind offers and benefits for its customers. We have already shared an update about the ongoing 'Experience the best of Thailand' offer. Now, the airline has one more reason for you to fly with it. This time it is about flying on specific days. Continue Reading to know more about the benefits of this offer. Go First... Read More

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Go First Adds More Exciting Additions to its Thailand Offer

We already shared about Go First's Experience The Best of Thailand offer in July. In partnership with some of the best parks and hotels, the Airline currently offers special discounts and cashback coupons for passengers flying Go First. The offer benefits include the Andamanda park offer and some Exclusive Dining Offers. Now, Go First has added one more segment to its existing offer to make it more exciting for your... Read More

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Go First Fare Lock: Everything You Need to Know

We all have that travel gang with whom we plan our trips. Sometimes we don't have a clear travel plan or are unsure of what happens next while planning trips. We all must have experienced at least one situation where uncertainty prevails till the last minute. Right? But those attractive flight fares at that moment or the last few seats left message on the screen while planning your trip will... Read More

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Go First: Smart Assist, Your Helping Hand at the Airports

Not every time we will be the same enthusiasm or with definite energy levels and may need a bit of assistance while travelling. You may be a first-time flyer, exhausted, or even not in the mood to handle certain things at the airport. What if you had your very own personal assistant helping you and guiding you at the airports? Sounds relaxing, isn't it? This is where the Smart Assist... Read More

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Go First: Everything You Need to Know About GoNxt

People plan a lot when it comes to a vacation or travel, because everyone wants to experience that hassle free travel and make memories. Sometimes, we have those unexpected travels too, which need to be taken care. Travel plans changed? There may be instances definitely where you must have felt it would be better if you travel on a later date. Right? As a part of its Trip Planning Services,... Read More

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