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Indian Army Signs a MOU With Drone Federation of India

The Army Design Bureau, on behalf of the Indian Army has signed a MoU with the Drone Federation of India to collaboratively work towards promoting research, development, testing and manufacturing of drones, counter-drone and associated technologies that can assist the Indian Army in its operations. This MoU also signifies the unwavering commitment of the Indian Army in supporting drone industry and the complete eco system to develop indigenous equipment and... Read More

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Israel Permits Large, High-Flying Drones in Civilian Airspace

The Elbit defence contractor’s StarLiner drone received certification from the Israel Transportation Ministry to operate over civilian airspace. Through the step, Israel became the first country in the world to do so. Israel’s Civil Aviation Authority provided the approval after six years of evaluation period, which ended in December. However, the company announced the regulatory change only last week. “We are proud to issue the Type Certificate to the Hermes... Read More

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Ministry Scraps the Requirement of Drone Pilot License to Operate Drones

As a move to increase drone usage across industries, the Ministry of Civil Aviation has scrapped the country’s requirement for a drone pilot license. It means that anybody with a Remote Pilot Certificate (RPC) issued by a DGCA-approved drone school through the single window DigitalSky platform can operate drones in India. The Remote Pilot Certificate is exempted for individuals who wish to operate drones below 2kg for non-commercial purposes. The... Read More

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Indian Aviation Industry on the Path of Recovery: Economic Survey 2021-22

According to the latest Economic Survey, the Indian aviation industry has started recovering from the pandemic impact. The increased rollout of the COVID-19 vaccine and the easing of travel restrictions worldwide are cited as the reasons for the betterment of the situation. In 2021, the government implemented several measures to boost the aviation industry. Some of the measures adopted by the Central government include the calibrated opening of the domestic... Read More

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Ministry of Civil Aviation Recommends the Utilisation of Drones in All Sectors

The Ministry of Civil Aviation (MoCA) plans for more effective utilisation of drone applications in India. Towards the mission to make the country a global hub for drones, the central government is deploying a liberalised Drone Rules 2021. The mission is devised under the government’s Atmanirbhar Bharat Abhiyan programme. The civil aviation ministry suggests deploying drones for purposes like surveillance, crime control, situational analysis, disaster management, VVIP security, etc. It... Read More

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SpiceJet Will Soon Initiate a Drone Delivery Service in India

In the recent development of events, Indian Airline SpiceJet has announced that it will soon be bringing drone delivery service to the country. The drone delivery service will be used for various purposes such as transporting vaccines, life-saving medicines and any other essential goods. The carrier further informed that it had joined hands with Throttle Aerospace for more than 50 customised high-end drones and the software management for these drones... Read More

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Counter Drone Systems Could Be Acquired by AAI Next Year Worth Rs 9.9 Crore

According to an official released document, the Airports Authority of India (AAI) is probably going to acquire two counter-drone systems in 2022-23 that may cost around Rs 9.9 Crore. Counter drone systems are the systems that are capable of detecting and/or intercepting unmanned aircraft systems while in flight. The decision must have come after two bombs were dropped at Indian Air Force Station at Jammu airport in June of this... Read More

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Drone Laws in India That You Must Know Before Flying

Flying a drone can be stressful sometimes. Mostly, drone flyers feel that buying a drone is far easier than flying the same. The major reason behind it is not the technical aspects but the legal rules and regulations which sometimes creates a hassle for flyers. Even though flying a drone is legal in India, there are certain Drone Laws and regulations which the flyers have to follow to stay away... Read More

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DJI Mavic Air 2: An Affordable Price Tag to Aerial Cinematography

DJI is one of the most lovable and renowned brands when it comes to consumer and commercial drones. DJI has launched some of the best compact and affordable drones under the Mavic series. Recently, DJI introduced the successor of Mavic Air which is the DJI Mavic Air 2. The new drone by DJI has revolutionised the aerial photography and video for creators. Nearly every content creator is stepping up their... Read More

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Drone Technicalities To Consider Before Stepping Into Aerial Cinematography

Drones are becoming one of the most crucial products in recent times. However, there is a lot to think about before buying a drone. Since there are a lot of drone regulations and terminologies, flying a drone becomes stressful. To eliminate the hassle, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has already issued several guidelines for pilots who want to operate drones without any hassle and enjoy a comfortable experience. Similarly, the... Read More

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10 Ways Drones Will Impact the Future of the World

Drones are becoming extensively popular around the world. The benefits and popularity of drones are extensively growing in India as well. Before 2018, drone registration and regulations were very hectic for content creators and customers who were planning to use a drone. However, to make sure drone flying in India gets easy and hassle-free, the government of India launched Digital Sky Portal where customers have to register their drones (except... Read More

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Drone Terminologies Which Will Make You a Better Flyer

Drones can be difficult to understand and operate. No matter if you are professional or beginner, you can always learn something new about your product. For instance, Drones have various synonyms such as UAV and UAS. Also, the concept applies to nearly every sector. There are many drone terminologies which are associated with a drone. If you are flying a drone, you must be aware of all the basic and... Read More

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Drone Types and Their Specialities Detailed: Check the Right Fit for You

Drones have been extensively growing among the millennial generation. All the new creators and artistic people have started using various drones to step up their content game. One of the most famous Beginner drones among creators is photography drones. Since the government has eased drone rules and regulations, many people have been buying and operating drones. There are many types of drones which are available in the market. The use... Read More

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DJI Mavic Mini Review: A Tiny Flyer With Beast Like Performance

DJI has revolutionised the drones and aerial photography systems. DJI gives opportunities to adventurous souls to capture the beauty of the universe with its wide range of drones. The Mavic series by DJI has been one of the most used drones by aerial cinematographers and photographers. The most lovable and portable drone in the Mavic series is the DJI Mavic Mini Drone. DJI has designed Mavic Mini in the most... Read More

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