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How to Book Flights on MakeMyTrip Website, Mobile Application

You’re sitting in front of the laptop on a lazy Sunday, scrolling through endless websites to book your next flight to that much-awaited trip to your dream destination, but the task now seems more complex than you had anticipated. Don’t sweat it! Just hop onto and make that journey possible. Booking a flight ticket from MakeMyTrip, which is also available in Hindi, is as easy as stealing candy from... Read More

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Travel Smartly: How to Pack Bags For Not Exceeding the Free Weight Limit

If you are a frequent traveller and want to understand how to save yourself some money while travelling, you need to go down to the basics. How do you travel smartly in case of travelling with airlines? None of the airlines in the world would be flexible with letting customers check-in extra luggage for free. That is why you have to pack bags very carefully so that you don’t exceed... Read More

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5 Must Things to Consider Before Choosing the Lowest Airfare

It is a natural action for the majority of people to choose the Cheap Flight Tickets when it comes to booking air tickets. Online Travel Agencies (OTAs) do an excellent job by bringing the comparisons of fares for different airlines. The practice brings pressure on both no-frills airlines and full-service providers to stay on top of people’s consideration sphere and hence, they make the pricing looks ‘low’. Many-a-times, the pricing... Read More

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Everything You Need to Know if You’re Flying for the First Time

Are you looking forward to your first flight? Anybody flying for the first time is bound to have their questions and doubts that they're not sure who to ask to or are too embarrassed to ask their friends for the fear of looking stupid. Worry not, here's everything you need to know if you belong to the group who have never flown before and are looking forward to making their... Read More

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How to Save Money While Travelling by Flights?

Saving money while travelling by flights is something we all need to learn. If you are a middle-class person, you would not want to travel from flights everywhere you go! It is a very expensive affair after all. But what if you could save money while travelling by flights? Mentioned below are some tips which will benefit you when travelling by flights. Even though you might not get very big... Read More

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Pack Light For Flights By Following a Few Simple Tips and Tricks

Even after travelling from flights for a long time, some people don’t learn how to pack light. Packing light isn’t just about carrying less stuff. It is about carrying the most stuff you can smartly. If you don’t pack light, it can be a nightmare for you. Flights aren’t cheap in the first place and then being put in a position to pay more for luggage feels just like a... Read More

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JetAdvance: A Quick and Easy Way to Prepone JetAirways Flight

These days airlines are offering very innovative and new services to the flyers to provide them with the best experience possible. When it comes to flying experience, Jet Airways is one of the top names in India. The airline offers many services and is one of the top luxury carriers in the country. Jet Airways not only offers its popular loyalty program service, Jet Privilege but it also offers holiday... Read More