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Government Employees Can Book Tickets on Private Airlines, States a New Guideline

The government of India has issued a memorandum regarding the travel provisions of the government employees, which states that they can book their tickets through private airlines. Earlier, the government staff were allowed to travel only by Air India. They were allowed to travel in other airlines only when Air India flights were not operating on the routes concerned. “It is clarified that the air travel on government account, both... Read More

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Delhi High Court Seeks Response From DGCA on Drug Testing of Aviation Personnel

The body representing Indian pilots, the India Pilots’ Guild, has approached the Delhi High Court against a notice issued by the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA), instituting random drug testing on flight crews and air traffic controllers, which is effective from January 31, 2022. As such, the Delhi High Court has issued a notice to DGCA seeking a response to the matter. According to the India Pilots’ Guild, DGCA’s... Read More

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Government Should Make Cancellation Charges Uniform Across Airlines, Recommends a Panel

A Parliament panel raised a request in Rajya Sabha to implement uniform air ticket cancellation charges across all airlines. The suggestion is to prescribe an upper limit for the cancellation charges that can be collected from the passengers. It raised a concern that the cancellation charges are currently not regulated by the government, resulting in considerable differences in the charges levied by various carriers. “The committee feels that it defies... Read More

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SpiceJet’s License for Carrying ‘Dangerous Goods’ Suspended

According to the recent development from the sources, SpiceJet’s licence for the transportation of ‘Dangerous Goods’ has been suspended by aviation regulator DGCA for allegedly violating the defined regulations. According to a report from PTI, the suspension period will be of 30 days, during which SpiceJet is barred from carrying dangerous goods, which also includes lithium-ion batteries in their domestic as well as international flights. Why the Licence Got Suspended?... Read More

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English High Court Issues Draft Judgement in Favour of Qatar Airways in Al Arabiya Case

Qatar Airways has brought claims in the English High Court against the Al Arabiya news channel relating to a video simulation published in August 2017 which purported to explain the effect of the illegal blockade on Qatar and Qatar Airways. In a 130-page judgement of the English High Court published on Friday 6 November 2020, the court dismissed Al Arabiya's application to contest the jurisdiction of the English court to... Read More

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