Club Vistara Loyalty Programme: Registration, Earning, Redeeming Points and All You Need to Know

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Almost all airlines offer loyalty programmes to their flyers to give them an exclusive experience. These loyalty programmes provide the frequent passengers of these airlines to enjoy premium benefits, exclusive offers, discounts, access to lounges, upgrades and much more. One of the most popular airline loyalty programme in the industry was Jet Privilege which was run by Jet Airways before the airline, unfortunately, succumbed to poor financials. However, Vistara has now taken the flag when it comes to full-service carriers in India. The joint venture airline between Singapore airlines and Tata has bought a lot of slots from Jet Airways and is also running a loyalty programme for its frequent flyers called the Club Vistara. We decided to do a detailed take on Club Vistara so that you can know all the important details about the loyalty programme from Vistara.



Revamped Club Vistara Loyalty Programme 

It is worth noting that Club Vistara is not a new programme, but Vistara has been running the loyalty programme from quite some years. However, it has recently undergone a revamp thus changing the programme and its benefits. Under the revamped Club Vistara, the programme has now become a point based system and the points are calculated on the base fare value. With the point based system, even with fluctuating ticket prices, the passengers can earn more points when they spend more. This is different as compared to a mile-based programme where the points earned depend on the number of miles that the passenger flies.

Also owing to the new revamped Club Vistara programme, the passengers enjoy Higher CV Point earning, fastest redemption of Award Flights starting at 2000 CV Points and Upgrade Awards at 500 CV Points, faster Elite Tier Qualification with the revised tier points criteria and all-new criteria of number of flights required during 12 months; whichever is faster. Additionally, the passengers enjoy unconditional benefits & privileges for all fare types.

Club Vistara Registration and Earning Points 

As per the Vistara official website, any passenger wishing to become a Club Vistara member can do so by registering through the official website, Vistara Mobile App, filling the physical enrolment forms at the airports/inflight or by contacting our Customer Service Centre. Vistara has also clarified that any individual above the age of 2 can apply for membership. When it comes to earning Club Vistara points, the passengers will earn CV Points on the Fare value of their Vistara ticket irrespective of the distance and class travelled. The accrued CV points by the passengers will be valid for 36 months. It is also worth noting that CV members will be able to accrue points on Vistara partner airlines - Singapore Airlines and SilkAir as well.

When a passenger registers for Club Vistara, they earn 500 CV points. Additionally, they are rewarded 100 CV points on booking directly with Vistara and 100 Bonus CV points on web and app check-in.

Redeeming Club Vistara Points 

When it comes to redeeming the earned CV points, the passengers can do so online by logging into CV account or by contacting the CSC at +91 9289228888 of Vistara. Similarly, the passengers will be able to get award tickets and upgraded cabin class through the same method or by contacting the airport ticketing office. However, if the passengers are travelling on Economy Lite fare, no matter which tier they are in they will not be eligible for an upgrade. Also, CV members will be able to redeem their points for their family and friends.

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