Cochin Airport to Adopt the E-Boarding System to Reduce Queues at the Checkpoints

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Ria Lakshman
As a means to speed up the boarding system as well as to prevent the ticket counterfeiting, the Cochin International Airport Limited (CIAL) is implementing e-boarding facility at the airport. The system will provide passengers with fast, paperless transit through all major checkpoints at the airport.
CIAL has commenced the tendering process to implement the e-boarding system. In the first phase of the project, reducing human intervention at the checkpoints will be the primary focus. Phase I is expected to be in effect in the next five months. In the second and third phase, authorities will focus on integrating the biometric-based boarding system and will centralize the activities of various airports. E-boarding system aligns with the Central Government’s DigiYatra initiative. The e-tickets will have unique barcodes, thereby ticket counterfeiting can be prevented. The e-tickets are designed with the theory of ‘one person, one ticket, and one code’. Hence, the ticket of each passenger, even in a group booking, will have a 2D/QR barcode. The data of these barcodes will be linked to the servers of airlines, security agencies, customs and airport authorities. The system will scan the barcode and analyze the details within seconds.
Physical examination of the boarding pass and identity cards at multiple checkpoints in the most time-consuming process at airports. As CIAL’s passenger traffic is constantly increasing, there will be serpentine queues at checkpoints, giving passengers a tough time. Hence, it is inevitable for us to take the necessary measures to enhance our service delivery. E-boarding will play a crucial role in it, and we are implementing it in a brisk pace, a CIAL spokesperson said to Times of India.
The passengers can flash the boarding pass in their mobile phone at the scanner placed at the security area. Once the machine approves the ticket and identity, CISF personnel will allow the passenger to cross the terminal.

Ria Lakshman

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Published by
Ria Lakshman

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