Delhi Airport Allots Entry Gates To Passengers Going Through Terminal 3

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Once the lockdown lifts, Delhi Airport will make the Terminal 3 of the airport active for passengers. Initially, it will be the only terminal which will be operating flights through it. One of the airport officials said that the airport is keeping all of its food and beverage outlets open so that people don’t crowd into one. This is a smart move by the Delhi Airport. Every passenger will be allotted an entry gate and self-check-in machines. The allocation again is keeping in mind to avoid overcrowding of passengers.

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Every Airline Allotted an Entry Gate

Passengers who have booked their travel with IndiGo and Vistara would enter the terminal through gates 1 and 2. Both these airlines will have three check-in rows - A, B, and C. Coming to the passengers travelling with AirAsia India and Air India will enter the terminal through gates 3 and 4. These passengers will enter through rows D, E, and F. The staff of these two airlines will help them in checking-in. Passengers travelling with SpiceJet and GoAir will enter through gate number 5. These two airlines will share check-in rows G and H amongst them. All the other domestic airline passengers will also come through gate 5 and use the check-in row H.

What You are likely Going to Experience When Entering The Airport Post Lockdown

According to the standard operational procedures (SOP) made by AAI, you will have to reach the airport three hours before your flight is scheduled to depart. Then you have to wear a face mask and follow all the social distancing norms set by the airport. You will find that airports are more frequently sanitised and cleaned. It was decided that only a few foods and beverage outlets were going to be allowed to open, but the Delhi Airport is going opposite to this decision. It is opening every food and beverage outlet in the airport so that there is less crowd.

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