Delhi Airport Passengers Can Get Tested Pre-Departure Now

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Passengers travelling from the Delhi airport can now get a COVID-19 test before the departure of their flight. This applies to both domestic and international passengers. Until now, the COVID-19 testing facility was only available for international arrivals. But this facility is now extended to the domestic and international departures as well. So now, passengers who want to get a test done before they leave for their destination can do so at the airport itself—more details on the story ahead.


COVID-19 Testing Facility Now Available for Departing Passengers at Delhi Airport

As per a PTI report, The Delhi International Airport Limited (DIAL) has partnered with the Genestrings Diagnostic Centre Pvt Ltd, on October 28, 2020. Together, both the parties have set up a COVID-19 sample collecting booth at the Delhi airport in front of gate number 8 of Terminal 3. This sampling booth is for departing domestic and international passengers.

As per the release, “Such passengers can come to the airport around six hours before and get the COVID test done at the airport by paying Rs 2,400 and get the result in 4 to 6 hours.” So any passenger who wants a COVID-19 test done, he/she can reach the airport 4 to 6 hours earlier than their flight’s scheduled departure.

These newly set-up sample booths can collect up to 120 to 130 samples every hour. Videh Kumar Jaipuriar, CEO of DIAL, said “We have launched the RT-PCR testing facility for outbound domestic/international travellers at Delhi airport. The unique facility will help those passengers who have to travel and need a COVID negative certificate with them due to some reasons.”

To recall, COVID-19 testing for international arrivals at the Delhi airport started back on September 12, 2020. It took place on the multi-level car parking area of Terminal 3 in partnership with the Genestrings Diagnostic Centre.

This facility will certainly help the passengers who require a mandatory COVID-19 test done before their flight’s departure.

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