Delhi Airport Quarantine Rules Flyers Must Know About

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One concept which people all around the world have become very familiar within the last few months is ‘quarantine’. People who are returning back to India from any foreign destination or travelling within India, all have to go under quarantine. Delhi Indira Gandhi International (IGI) airport has some quarantine rules you must know about. Well technically, it is not the rules of the Delhi airport, but of the government. Many people from outside India are landing in Delhi every day with the help of Vande Bharat flights. Now they have to follow certain rules regarding quarantining themselves. Let’s take a look at what they are.


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Quarantine Rules If You are Landing at Delhi IGI Airport

First, let’s clear out the people who won’t have to follow the quarantine rules of Delhi. If the passenger has a connecting flight from Delhi, they won’t have to follow the rules for quarantine at Delhi. This is because the passenger isn’t stepping out of the airport and into the city. But the passenger going to any other state or destination will have to follow the quarantine rules applicable in the respective state.

International Travellers

Let’s talk about people who have to follow the quarantine rules. International travellers staying at Delhi will have to undergo an institutional quarantine of 7 days. After that, they will have to undergo an additional self-quarantine for 7 days. If the traveller doesn’t stay at Delhi and wants to go by-road to their destination after landing, then too the same quarantine rules are applicable. For passengers travelling in both Vande Bharat flights and other international flights, the same rules are applicable.

Domestic Travellers

For people who are coming to Delhi from any other domestic state, they will have to undergo a self-quarantine for 7 days. If the traveller has a connecting flight, then they will have to follow the rules of the respective destination they are flying to. If you land at Delhi airport and from there want to travel to an international destination with the Vande Bharat flight, you won’t have to go under quarantine. But if you exit the airport in case your flight is at a later date, the rules for quarantine will apply.

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