Delhi Airport Makes Arrangement to Encourage Social Distancing Amidst Employees and Passengers

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Indira Gandhi International Airport serves as an important aviation hub in the Indian Aviation industry. Since the outbreak of Covid-19, the entire aviation industry has been facing massive distress. Recently, the government of India extended the lockdown period until May 03, 2020, to neutralise the threat of the deadly virus. Delhi Airport is also following all the safety measure to ensure that ground staff and passengers have safe air travel in future. As social distancing has been made necessary by the government to battle Covid-19, Delhi Airport has made the arrangements accordingly to make sure that social distancing is implemented. Here are the significant places where Delhi Airport has made special arrangements and Markers.

Arrangements at Check-in Counters

Check-in Counters are usually the most occupied spaces. Passengers scan their luggage in the counters, which is further boarded in planes. To neutralise the threat and ensure that social distancing follows in the Check-in counters, Delhi Airport has made special markers and arrangement which will create a healthy distance between passengers. With the arrangements, the threat of Covid-19 will be reduced by massive levels. Also, Delhi Airport has used Colourful, unique markers which will be visible from long distances. Delhi Airport, Delhi Airport Social Distancing Arrangements, Delhi Airport Social Distancing Markers

Distant Markers at Elevators

Elevators are the second most crowded Places in Airport Premises. Passengers usually don’t take the Staircase since they are occupied with hand luggage. Keeping in mind, Delhi Airport has made blocks inside the elevators to ensure that social distancing is also followed inside the elevator and people comfortably enjoy their journey. Delhi Airport Elevator Arrangements

Social Distant Markers at Security Areas

Delhi Airport has made unique Markers in the security areas. Since the security area is also crowded, passengers sometimes come in close contact with each other. In order to remove that, Chairs have been placed at distance and markers have also been made to protect passengers. Delhi Airport Security Area

Aero Bridges Arrangement

Aero Bridge is a significant place where precautionary measures are important. Since the arrival and departure of passengers happen through these bridges, Delhi Airport has made special markers in the bridges, so that clusters are not formed, and social distancing norms are followed. Delhi Airport Aero Bridge Arrangements

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