Delhi Airport Updated Security Checking System, What You Should Know

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Delhi airport is one of the biggest airports in India. One thing that every passenger going through the airport must have experienced is the security delay. It takes a lot of time to clear the security checking. There are plenty of factors behind that. One is obviously that there are a lot of passengers going through the checking every day. Another is the system for security checking employed. The security system still uses the same old technology and the same process. But not anymore, the Delhi airport has updated its security checking system. It has installed 10 new Automatic Tray Retrieval Systems (ATRS).


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Delhi Airport Automatic Tray Retrieval Systems

Delhi airport has got 10 new ATRS systems. It is nothing but a rolled based set-up which will return the luggage trays automatically to the starting point after passengers collect their belongings from it. This not only makes the system faster but also safer. Since social distancing is being followed, this will become a very efficient system in employing it.

The Central Industrial Security Force (CISF) won’t have to touch the trays anymore. This new system will save them from coming into contact with the customers. The CISF and Delhi airport are working together in installing these new ATRS systems.

MA Ganapathy, Special Director General of CISF said, “At present, CISF personnel who conduct security checks manually collect the trays so they can be reused. ATRS will completely do away with the manual intervention, which will increase our efficiency by at least 60-75%. At present, we clear around 180-200 passengers every hour at Delhi airport. After installation of the ATRS, we expect the number to go up by at least 330-350 passengers every hour.”

Passengers at the same time won’t have to hassle for getting a tray into their hands. The trays will circulate themselves with the help of new ATRS installed in the Delhi airport. At present, the ATRS is being installed in Terminal 3 of the airport. All 10 ATRS will be commissioned by the end of September this year.

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