Delhi Government Revised Order on Guidelines for Handling of Passengers

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You are going to see many changes in the airports once the lockdown lifts and commercial operations resume. Delhi government recently introduced a new set of rules and regulations for quarantining people. Earlier, the government of Delhi said that a person will have an option of either self-quarantine or they will be shifted to government quarantine facility which is free. But now, the new rules suggest that people will have to pay for being admitted to the quarantine facilities. The quarantine will be for the usual 14 days for any person.

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People From Other States to be Taken Care by Resident Commissioners

Earlier, People who come from other states or countries and quarantined were taken into care by the resident commissioner. Along with this, the nodal officers of the respective states used to be involved as well. But now, that is going to change. So from now on, people who get quarantined will have to pay for it. The good thing is, people will have the option to either choose the free services or pay for it. The paid quarantine facilities will be much better and well maintained of course.

Check out the Process that You Will Go through

Once the passenger arrives, he/she will be taken by the airport staff to the Airport Health Organisation (AHO) counter for an initial thermal screening and then if he/she has any of the symptoms of the COVID-19, they will be shifted to the designated hospitals. The other people who don’t show any symptoms of the COVID-19 will be directed to the immigration counters with their passports and self-reporting form (SRF). After clearance from the immigration centre, passports of the passengers will be collected by the immigration counter after which the passengers will be handed over to the CISF for escorting them. Their passports will be also handed over to the CISF team. Before heading for the quarantine centre, the passengers would be allowed to collect their baggage from the customs.

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