Best Delhi-Mumbai Flights You Can Opt for Your December Vacations

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December is the month where we all kind of want to enjoy the festivities of Christmas and take a break from our heavy scheduled lives. This is a month where aviation companies have to manage loads of bookings. One of the most booked routes by people in India is Delhi-Mumbai during this month. So every major airline has this route set as one of its priorities. Frankly, it is a little hard sometimes to pick the airline you want to travel with because all of them provide such excellent services. Still, when you book a flight of your preference, you would want to make an informed decision for yourself. Mentioned below are all the major airlines and their flight’s features that fly on the Delhi-Mumbai route.


The Airlines That Operate Within The Route

Airlines such as GoAir, IndiGo, AirAsia, Vistara, Air India and SpiceJet operate within the route. All of these airlines are recognised in the domestic as well as international aviation sectors. But the thing is, even though the route is the same, there are striking differences in the way these aviation companies go on about providing their services. So let’s boil down to the specifications of the flights that fly within the route.

Airlines Services Specifications

Talking about GoAir first, the airline flies a total of 30 flights on the Delhi-Mumbai route. Out of which, there are both direct flights and connected ones. So ideally the best flight to choose will be from one of the direct flights. The best flight that the airline offers at an alarmingly cheap rate is the G8-336 which departs from Delhi at 2:40 pm and reaches Mumbai in 2 hours 15 minutes by 4:35 pm. If you are looking to travel back to Delhi by boarding a GoAir flight from Mumbai, you can go for the G8-329 flight which departs at 6:00 pm and reaches Delhi in 2 hours 10 minutes by 8:10 pm. Both of these flights fly all week.


For travelling to Delhi from Mumbai in an AirAsia flight you can opt for the I5-330 flight of the airline. It is a direct flight which you will be able to find almost every day in the week. It is a 2 hour 15-minute long flight from Delhi. Its scheduled departure is 00:05 am and arrival at Mumbai is 2:15 Am. In case you want to travel from Delhi to Mumbai, you have the convenience of flying with the airline’s I5-314 flight which is also direct and takes 2 hours 10 minutes to reach Mumbai.


For flyers wanting to reach Mumbai from Delhi, the best flight for you will be the airline’s 6E-189 flight. It flies regularly and the fact that it is a direct flight which departs from Delhi at 2:40 Pm and reaches Mumbai by 5:05 Pm. In case you are looking to go back to Delhi from Mumbai, the absolute best flight for you is the airline’s 6E-176. It operates regularly as well and flies from Mumbai by 1:40 Pm and reaches Delhi by 3:55 Pm.


Vistara is the most premium airline that operates within the route. So if you are looking to travel from Delhi to Mumbai, you can choose the airline’s UK 0945 flight. The flight departs from Delhi at 11:40 Pm and reach Mumbai by 2:00 Pm. In case you are travelling back from Mumbai to Delhi, you can opt the airline’s UK 0944 flight. It departs from Mumbai at 2:40 Pm and reaches Delhi by 4:55 Pm. Both the flights run daily.

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