Delta Air Lines Preventive Measures For Safer Air Travel

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US Legacy carrier Delta Air Lines has geared up to offer the safest and comfortable air travel to its customers. The outbreak of Covid-19 has disrupted the entire global aviation. Delta is slowing getting back in the normal routine, and the airline has already added 1,000 flights in July month because of the ease of border restrictions. Delta is taking all the preventive measures to ensure all the customers have a comfortable and hassle-free journey. The airline is following strict guidelines to ensure that crew members maintain a safe distance with all the passengers who are boarding flights. Delta is also making sure that the entire aircraft is disinfected and germ-free.

Delta Aircraft is Being Disinfected

All the aircraft which is being used in travel are being properly disinfected by the airline. Delta is ensuring that all the aircraft is germ-free. The airline is using electrostatic spraying techniques to disinfect the flight. Not only this, all the overhead bins, seats and touch screens are being disinfected with spraying technique for passenger safety. Apart from this, the airline has installed new filters inside the aircraft, which will keep the air quality clean. The fresh air will enter from the top of the aircraft and leave from the bottom. The airline has specially marked that the new air filters will not eliminate the germs. However, passengers will get fresh air which is cleaner and safer.

Delta is Operating at 60% of the Aircraft Capacity

Delta is making sure that aircraft are not filled with passengers completely. To ensure that passengers maintain a safe distance inside the aircraft, the airline is operating at just 60% of the aircraft. Not only this, but the airline is also keeping the middle seat vacant so that passengers have a safe journey. All the passengers boarding the aircraft will have to use face masks during the entire journey. Also, boarding of the passengers will be done from the rear of the plane to the front.

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