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Delta recently released a list of international services that it will resume from May. Only select routes will be open again for operations keeping the airline’s 90% international operations fleet on the ground. This will primarily be for allowing the movement of people and cargo. Delta is going to be operating domestically on routes within South and North America. The overseas routes which are going to be open again won’t include the major routes from Asia, Europe, Australia, and Africa. Most of these countries are still at travel restrictions.


International Routes for Delta Which Are Resuming From May

International routes for Delta which are resuming from May include four weekly flights to Canada. Some flights will operate more than once in a day. Then the airline will also fly to the Caribbean, Latin America, Transatlantic routes, and transpacific routes. Again, major cities and routes will be closed for these flights as the lockdown procedures are still at place for many countries/cities. All these routes are opened under exceptional circumstances of conducting only crucial business. No regular commercial business is allowed at the moment. This schedule is only for the upcoming weeks and is bound to change once the normal operations of the airline can be resumed again.

Importance of Flying in These Routes

Delta just like every other airline needs to have a positive cash flow in terms of revenue to be able to sustain its market share. Most of the routes on which Delta is going to fly are some of its most robust revenue-generating routes. But at the same time, only select flights with special purposes will take off. Leisure travel is something which is not possible and should be avoided in case it is. Delta has cut down its 90% of international operations and 80% of its domestic services. So the flights which are taking off are most probably taking people back home who are stranded due to the lockdown or transporting essential/crucial goods.

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