Demand for Pilots on a Surge as Akasa and Jet Airways 2.0 Look to Hire

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Indian Pilots Demand

With the changes happening in the aviation industry in India with the introduction of ultra-low-cost carrier Akasa about to take off and Jet Airways looking to make a comeback, it seems that things are changing too. The upcoming airline Akasa and Jet Airways are looking to hire pilots for their carriers and other staff. According to the various executives, the existing airlines Indigo and SpiceJet are apparently the options from which the new airlines can choose. However, no comments have been made by either Indigo or SpiceJet about the release of their employees.

Current Scenario

Kapil Kaul, chief executive, India subcontinent, Centre for Asia Pacific Aviation has said in a statement that Akasa is more likely to initiate its services from the year 2022 whereas Jet Airways can make a return to the industry in the second half of 2022. Also, Tata Group is all set to take over Air India and all these factors ensure an elevated competition in the Indian aviation industry. It is happening for the first time in over 15 years that pilots are in such high demand during a booming phase of the sector. Currently, India has around 17000 pilots.

If the expected launch timeline for both Akasa and Jet Airways are accurate, both of the airlines will have to put forth a cabin crew, personnel and primary pilots in place. It can be a tough process as the current industry guidelines suggest that there should be one cabin crew for every door in an aircraft. This would mean that aircraft like Boeing 737 MAX will require four-cabin crews for each of its four doors.

Moreover, upcoming airline Akasa backed by Rakesh Jhunjhunwala has so far ordered 72 MAX aircraft meaning that the airline will have to hire a total of 288 crews for all its flights and more in order to substitute when a certain crew is not available. However, the airline won’t have to order it in one go as it won’t receive all the flights at once. Akasa is still to make an announcement as to how many carriers it will be starting its operations with.

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