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Drones have been extensively growing among the millennial generation. All the new creators and artistic people have started using various drones to step up their content game. One of the most famous Beginner drones among creators is photography drones. Since the government has eased drone rules and regulations, many people have been buying and operating drones. There are many types of drones which are available in the market. The use of drones depends upon the consumer. Drones are categorised into different categories, such as technology, ability, and size. In this article, we will be covering all the basic categories of drones and their features. There are certainly other names which are used as alternate for drones. The most common and famous are UAS which stands for unnamed aerial systems and UAV which stands for an unmanned aerial vehicle.


Drones Types Based on Size

There are different types of drones based on size. Mostly if the drones are used for consumer purposes, the size of the drone is usually small or medium. Also, since small drones and tiny drones are not mandatory to be registered in the Digital Sky portal, users get the freedom to operator drones. The different categories of drones based on size are:

  • Mini Drones: These drones are designed with wings and rotors, which allows them to fly in tiny and closed spaces. DJI Mavic Mini is one of the most examples of the mini drones available in the market. Apart from this, the mini-drone has 50cm maximum length.


  • Small Drones: These drones are comparatively bigger as compared to mini drones. Small drones size ranges from 51cm to maximum 2cm. Experienced flyers mostly prefer small drones to step up their content game. Also, small drones can be easily carried in one hand, and flyers will not face added difficulty in carrying the drone.
  • Medium Drones: Medium Drones are a little bulky, and it needs to be carried with two hands. These drones are bigger than 2cm in size. However, they are smaller than light aircraft. These drones are powerful, and they are mostly used for delivery purposes.
  • Large Drones: Large Drones are mainly used for surveillance purposes. These drones are mostly used in the commercial sector and professional space. Also, these drones are used in special operations where normal small drones cannot function.

Drones Based on Technology

Since drones are built for various purposes, there is a different technology which is used for specific drones. There are various technologies on which drones are programmed. Also, Drone manufacturers use dynamic technologies to provide a new experience to flyer. Different types of drones based on technology are:

1. Single Rotor Drones: Single Rotor Drones are quite rigid in their structure. These drones need high mechanical maintenance. However, anyone who is stepping into the field of aerial photography and cinematics can operate single rotor drones. Single rotor drones have one main rotor for vertical lift and a smaller rotor for stability and direction.

2. Multi-Rotor Drones: Multi-Rotor Drones are one of the most stable drones because of multiple rotors. Some drones under the category have four rotors, six rotors and even eight rotors. These drones can be operated easily, and flyers will not face any difficulty while landing or take off. Multi-Rotor Drones are easy to manufacture. Also, these drones can be connected to smartphones for better operation.

3. Fixed Wing Drones: These drones have massive battery life. They can fly up to for 16 hours. Since fixed wing drones have one rigid wing, they do not lift in the air. Instead, these drones glide in high altitudes.

4. Fixed Wing Hybrid Drones: Fixed wing hybrid drones are very reliable drones. These drones have fixed wings, but still, they take off and land vertically like single rotor drones. Once these drones are on air, they fly horizontally.

Drones Based on Performance

Drones have been used for various purposes. Drone manufacturer focuses on the need of all the consumers in the market to cater to the growing demand for aerial photography and cinematics. Drones have the ability to perform a particular task. The different types of drones based on performance are:

1. Beginner Drones: As the name suggests, Beginner drones are the easiest and portable drones which are made for consumers who are just stepping into the field of aerial photography and videography. Flyers who are operating beginner drones can easily take off the drones, fly it in the air and land it back safely with the easy safety features of the drone.


2. Delivery Drones: These drones are specially designed for delivery purposes. Drones under this category are made specially to lift heavy weights and help corporates in easy doorstep delivery. There are certain limitations to these drones. However, the demand for delivery drones is extensively increasing since the contactless and aerial delivery demand has increased.

3. Racing Drones: Racing Drones are designed to offer perfect stability, speed and agility. These drones are equipped with better first-person view feature to provide a better view to the flyer. Racing drones are specially made with the ultimate focus on speed. These drones can fly up to 60-120 miles per hour.

4. Trick Drones: Trick Drones are small and portable in size. These drones are also known as toy drones. There are no extra accessories on the drone to load it up. These drones are light and can be used for entertaining and flashy moves.

5. Photography Drones: Photography Drones are designed with an attachable camera. These drones are designed specially to hover at a single place and click some of the best aerial photographs. One of the major drawbacks of the photography drone is flight time. Apart from this, these drones can be connected to mobile phones and can record 4K HD videos at 30-60 fps.

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