Drone Terminologies Which Will Make You a Better Flyer

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Drones can be difficult to understand and operate. No matter if you are professional or beginner, you can always learn something new about your product. For instance, Drones have various synonyms such as UAV and UAS. Also, the concept applies to nearly every sector. There are many drone terminologies which are associated with a drone. If you are flying a drone, you must be aware of all the basic and essential terms which will make your theoretical and practical knowledge about drones much better, and you will have a comfortable and hassle-free experience. Since the government has eased regulations and introduced Digital Sky Portal, drones in India can be flown without any external hassle. Pilots just need to remember some of the technical terminologies. Some of the basic drone terminologies are:


  1. UAV and UAS: These are just other names for drones. UAV stands for an unmanned aerial vehicle, and UAS stands for an unmanned aircraft system. As the name suggests, these names mean that there is no pilot on-board. Such drones are controlled by pilots from the ground. There is another synonym for drones which is sUAS, and it stands for a small unmanned aircraft system.
  2. Line of Sight (LOS): In simple terms, Line of Sight means that the pilot who is operating the drone must be in direct contact with the aircraft. There is an opposite of the LOS, which is Beyond Line of Sight (BVLOS). BVLOS simply means a situation where the drone is not in the visible range from the pilot. Also, in case if the pilot has to fly drones Beyond Line of Sight, they will have to take special permission from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).
  3. Above Ground Level (AGL): Above Ground Level means height from the ground. Since drones are operated in high altitudes, there is always a gap between ground and drone.
  4. Gimbal: Gimbal is the mount in which the camera is placed in drones. With the help of gimbal, the drone camera takes some of the best aerial photos and videos in different angels. Gimbal provides multiple axes to the camera, which can be controlled with the help of remote.
  5. Radio Control (RC): Radio Control in simple terms is the use of radio waves to control the drones. To make drones easy to fly, radio signals are used to control a device remotely. With the help of radio signal drones can be controlled by radio transmitters or by smartphones.
  6. Collision Avoidance: Collision avoidance is one of the major features with which every drone is manufactured. With the help of collision avoidance, drones will not hit any object while flying. So, in you are a beginner, you can turn on the feature, and the drone will automatically stop at a safe distance from an object and avoid a collision.
  7. First Person View (FPV): First-person view is a technique in which the drone is controlled from the pilot’s point of view. It is also known as remote-person view (RPV). The first-person perspective is beneficial in case of Racing drones.
  8. Aerial Capturing: Drones are specially made to capture aerial photos and videos. In simple terms, drones are used to capture photos and videos from an elevated position where a normal camera cannot be used to capture aerial shots.
  9. Controller: Controller is another major drone terminology. It is one of the most important device which is very important for drone operations. With the help of drones, pilots’ control and fly the drone.
  10. COAs: COAs stands for certificates of authorization which are necessary to fly drones in India. These certificates are obtained from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) under the existing rules. Without these certificates, pilots must not operate drones.

Apart from this, in case if you have just purchased a drone and you are planning to step into the field of aerial photography and videography, you must register your drone under the Digital Sky Portal to fly drones in India without any external hassle and difficulty.

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