Dubai Airport Goes Green, Installs 15,000 Solar Panels

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As a part of green initiative, the Dubai International Airport has installed 15,000 solar panels at Terminal 2. The system will generate 7,843,500 kWh of energy per year and also reduce annual CO2 emissions at Terminal 2 by 3,243 metric tonnes. Cost-wise, the installation will save Dh 3.3 million annually in terms of electric bills. Dubai-Airport-Goes-Green-Installs-Solar-Panels   The reduction of annual carbon dioxide emissions by 3,243 metric tonnes is equivalent to 53,617 tree seedlings grown for ten years or 688 passenger vehicles driven for one year, the airport said. Etihad Energy Services Company (Etihad ESCO) headed the solar panel installation project at Dubai International Airport. Etihad ESCO is a subsidiary of the Dubai Electricity and Water Authority. According to Michael Ibbitson, vice president for infrastructure and business technology at Dubai Airports, the installation is in align with Dubai’s goal for reducing 30% energy consumption by 2030. This comes as a big leap in Dubai Airport’s efforts towards reducing carbon footprint. Besides the installation of solar panels, the authorities at Dubai International Airport has also taken steps to use energy-efficient fittings, optimization of cooling systems, and installation of LED bulbs. “In addition to enabling us to limit our carbon footprint while cutting costs, these initiatives also support our long-term vision for a carbon-neutral future in line with the aviation industry’s target,” Ibbitson said. According to Ali Al Jassim, CEO, Etihad ESCO, the solar project is an opportunity for the company to play a significant role in Dubai Airports’ vision for energy efficiency. The green project is a part of Shams Dubai, Dewa’s smart initiative that targets to endorse the use of clean, renewable energy sources by installing solar panels on useable rooftops in Dubai. It targets villa and building owners to generate electricity from solar power and connecting it to Dewa’s grid to transfer surplus generation. Etihad ESCO will provide maintenance services for Dubai Airports for seven years from completion.

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