Dubai Travellers From India Will Need to Get Tested Twice

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The rules for travelling keep on changing during these uncertain times. Now, Dubai travellers from India will need to get tested for COVID-19 twice. Until now, every passenger going to Dubai had to get a mandatory RT-PCR test within a time frame of 96 hours from travelling to the country. Only the passengers with a negative test report were allowed to board the flight for Dubai. But now apart from this test, the passengers from India and some other countries as well will need to get another test when travelling to Dubai. More details ahead.


Dubai Travellers From India Will Now Get Tested Again Upon Arrival at the Airport

As per a report from ToI, all the Dubai travellers from India and some other countries as well will need to be tested twice instead of once. Everyone is familiar with the first test. But talking about the second test, it will take place when the passenger reaches Dubai airport.

This is an important measure that the Dubai government has taken since many passengers who got the 96 hours test done and produced a negative RT-PCR test report reflected positive upon further tests in Dubai.

It makes sense since there is a lot of time in between getting a test and travelling to Dubai. Even after testing negative, the passenger can get infected by the virus before travelling. Thus the second test upon the arrival at Dubai will ensure if the traveller is actually free of COVID-19 or not.

Adding to this, the Dubai authorities have shortlisted a few laboratories which will not be considered as appropriate for getting the tests done. So if any passenger has a negative report from one of those laboratories, then too he/she won’t be allowed to board the plane. So before you get a test done, please ensure that you are thorough with the names of those laboratories which Dubai authorities don’t consider eligible for testing.

The number of laboratories which weren’t accepted by the Dubai authorities has grown to 7 from the four earlier.

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