EasyJet Rules You Must Know About Before Travelling Abroad

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EasyJet just like every other airline in the world has brought a series of changes to its rules and regulations concerned with travelling. It includes rules about everything, right from arriving at the airport, clearing security check, boarding the flight, and more. If you are travelling abroad with the airline, here are a few things that you should keep in mind. First of all, some of the countries require all foreign travellers to fill up a form before they arrive at their destination. So ensure that you are familiar with the rules about the country you are going to. There are more EasyJet rules and regulations that you should know about. Keep reading ahead to find out.

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At the Airport

First of all, you need to maintain and follow all the social distancing rules. EasyJet rules recommend its customers to keep on checking with the ‘Flight Tracker’ about the updates on their flight. Food at the airport and drinks may also be very limited but you will find plenty of hand sanitiser stations at the airport. Toilets at the airport will be open and will be equipped with water and soap.

With this, masks are mandatory for passengers. If you arrive at the gate without wearing one, you won’t be allowed to board your flight. Even while entering the airport or exiting at your destination, you may be required to wear face masks. EasyJet rules recommend customers to keep changing their masks in a span of four hours. So if you are boarding a long-haul flight, ensure that you have enough mask supplies.

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Onboard an EasyJet Flight

EasyJet rules encourage customers not to carry onboard larger bags as then it becomes difficult to stow them into overhead bins. Throughout the duration of your flight, you must follow the instructions given by the Cabin Crew. Initially, only drinking water can be requested. So there is no bar or bistro service available. All the EasyJet’s aircraft are equipped with HEPA filters. These filters replace the cabin air in every three to four minutes. So you will get very clean air to breathe.

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