Embraer E2: The Missing Piece in Indian Skies

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In the recently held Wings India 2020 event, the Brazilian company Embraer came with its latest aircraft E195-E2. The company believes that their E2 aircraft is the missing piece in Indian skies. The E195-E2 is the biggest commercial aircraft manufactured by the company. This aircraft is a direct upgrade over the E195-E1 aircraft. The company says that this aircraft is the world’s best single-aisle aircraft. The plane consumes 25% lesser fuel than the previous generation E1. Let’s have a look at some of the features of the plane.


Embraer E2 Features

The plane is specially built to carry out commercial operations. It can carry about 100 to 130 passengers on board depending on the class configuration by the airline. One of the best features of this plane is that it removes the middle seat from its aircraft. Unlike the Boeing 737 and A320, this aircraft comes with a 2x2 seating. This is carried on to the business class of the plane as well, where both the passengers will have access to the aisle. Windows are unusually large for a commercial aircraft, and the cabin noise is best in class. The overhead bins are some of the biggest containers in any plane and can hold very large handbags as well.

The Unorthodox Name - Profit Hunter

This aircraft from Embraer has a very uncommon name - Profit Hunter. The reason behind the name is that the plane offers the lowest cost per trip. It consumers less fuel and the maintenance costs are shallow as well. This doesn’t mean E2 is slow though. The Embraer E2 has jet engines and is very fast compared to other aircraft in the same range of operations. The company gave special attention to these aircraft for increasing the efficiency and performance of the plane. It will be interesting to see if any of the Indian airlines show any interest in adding this new aircraft to their fleet.

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