Emirates Airport Lounges To Make Your Travel Experience Memorable

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Airport lounges are very important to some travellers. Regular hustle and bustle of airports can be very frustrating if you are trying to concentrate on something. Some people prefer the quietness in the airports of airport lounges than the crowd. Emirates does not take a step back in providing luxury travel to its customers. For Emirates, flying experience doesn’t mean just boarding a flight. It is also how you board a flight. Emirates looks for its flyers comfort everywhere possible. That is the reason it has some of the best airport lounges in the world. Emirates airport lounges are of different kinds — Business Class Lounge, First Class Lounge, Marhaba Lounge, Worldwide Lounges, and Partner Lounges. Let’s take a look at all of these lounges individually.


Emirates Business Class Lounge

Emirates Business Class lounge is one of the Emirates airport lounges. The is the one where passengers who are in the Gold tier or Platinum tier of Skywards program can enter. Apart from them, passengers travelling in the Business Class or First Class of the airline can enter the lounge as well. But other passengers in the Blue and Silver tier of the Skywards program can enter the lounge as well for which a small fee would be chargeable.

You will get some of the finest food dishes and wines to satisfy your hunger and thirst. There is a dedicated quiet area which will allow you to rest and doze if you wish to. Then you will get access to the Business Center of the lounge which will have complimentary Wi-Fi and desks to allow you to complete your work comfortably.

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First Class Lounge

Emirates First Class lounge is the prominent one amongst all the Emirates airport lounges. It is a lounge where passengers in the Platinum tier of the Skywards program can enter. Apart from them, passengers travelling with the First Class of the airline will also get a free entry. Other people who can enter the First Class lounge are people in Blue, Silver, and Gold but for a small fee.

With the First Class lounge, you will get some of the most exclusive services from the airline. You will get complimentary Wi-Fi along with Business Center access. Here as well, you get some of the finest wines and food dishes to satisfy your hunger and thirst. You will get the benefit of priority boarding if you are in the First Class lounge of the airline.

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Emirates Marhaba Lounge

You can call the Emirates Marhaba lounge as the revamped version of the Business Class lounge of the airline. The only speciality of the lounge is its ‘Meet and Greet’ service. It will make your boarding process a lot quicker with all the benefits of the Business class lounge of the airline. You will get a peaceful ambience with the lounge along with international cuisines to satisfy your stomach. There is complimentary Wi-Fi along with a Business Center where you can work peacefully.

Emirates Marhaba lounge, Emirates First Class lounge, and Emirates Business Class lounge all have a ton of similarities. There are very few things which distinguish one from the other. But you will get something good out of every lounge you visit. Every need of yours will be taken care of inside the lounges. Across the lounges, you can freshen up before you board your flight. While you access the shower spa, the staff of the lounge will take care of your clothes and iron them for you. Emirates airport lounges will certainly change the way look at travelling.

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