Emirates Business Class Lounge: Everything You Should Know

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Emirates is one of the world’s largest airlines and is also the flag-carrier of United Arab Emirates (UAE). The airline offers some of the most luxurious services. Emirates is known for its Business Class lounges. Before you board your flight, you can relax in the Business Class lounge of Emirates. This lounge is not accessible by everyone though. Only travellers from the Business Class or First Class can gain access to the lounge. At the same time, Gold members and Platinum members of the airline can also access the lounge for free. Other members from the Blue and Silver tier can also access the Emirates Business Class Lounge but they can’t do so for free. There is a fee they will have to pay to get an entry. Emirates-Business-Class-Lounge-Facilities-And-Features

Moet and Chandon Champagne Lounge

Inside the Emirates Business Class lounge, you will get to experience the Moet and Chandon lounge. You can take a taste from four of the most iconic Champagne brands with a selection of canapés which are specially crafted by Michelin star chefs. With the Champagne, you also get an option to enjoy some delicate bites such as goat cheese, blackberry, Emmental Gougeres, and pomegranate macaroons. There is a gold design and elegant sitting facility at the lounge to complement the energy and fluidity of the champagne and of course the customers of the airline.

Fuel Up Before you Fly with Emirates Business Class Lounge

Travelling should never be done with an empty stomach. Food is one of the biggest factors in determining how a passenger’s journey is going to be. That is why Emirates Business Class lounge allows you to fuel up with some of the best dishes before you board your flight. There is Costa Coffee in the lounge wherein you can enjoy the benefit of personalised barista experience. Coffee is very important to most of the people who are travelling. Bad coffee can ruin the mood of a very happy customer. This is why Emirates only keeps the best quality of coffee beans.

Enjoy Dedicated Quiet Areas

  There is always a lot of noise at an Airport. A lot many passengers travel in and out of it and there are kids crying or running around which can disturb you. Some people need their quiet time to think or just to doze off. Emirate Business Class lounge has dedicated quiet areas so that you can have your quiet time. You can use it to do anything and you will not be disturbed. In case you have pending work, then you can also access the lounge’s Business Center and get on with your work. There is Wi-Fi at the lounge which you can use to get your work going.

Benefits of Emirates Business Class Lounge

There are many perks of being in the Emirates Business Class Lounge. Firstly, as mentioned above, there is complimentary Wi-Fi. So if you are not getting good network inside the airport, then you can use the Wi-Fi at the lounge access internet, do your work or just watch some videos. Another benefit of the lounge is gourmet dining. You will be able to enjoy from some of the best dishes from professional chefs and best of all, there will be many healthy choices of food as well. Being in the Business Class Lounge of the airline will get you the benefit of direct boarding. You won’t have to go through the usual process of checking-in and security clearance. An employee from the airline will get you a direct entry to the boarding gate from another part of the airport connected through the lounge.

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