Emirates Business Class: Arguably One of the Best Luxury Experiences

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Emirates is one of the most premium airlines in the world. Right from its Economy class to its Business and First, everything is just top-notch. With the Emirates Business Class, you will have an experience like none other. An important thing to note is that there are two aircraft which Emirates Business Class can be experienced on - Emirates A380 and Emirates Boeing 777. The Emirates Business Class drips of luxury right from the time you leave for the airport with the chauffeur to the time you arrive at your final destination. Have a look at what you are going to experience with the Emirates Business Class.


Emirates Complimentary Chauffeur Drive

When you are travelling in the Emirates Business class, you are taken care of properly. The airline doesn’t slack off in any area. You will have the option for availing Emirates complimentary chauffeur drive. Right now, this service is available in 75 destinations of the world. You can book yourself a chauffeur drive from Emirates by going to the manage bookings section. The time frame to do it is 12 hours before your flight. The service will cover picking you up from your home and driving to the airport and driving you to your home/office from the airport after you land.

Emirates Airport Lounge Access

With an Emirates Business Class ticket, you can get access to the Business Class lounge of the airline. You can sit and relax in the Business Class lounge and order yourself some of the best delicacies you can get in an airport. You can also order yourself Champagne or other alcoholic beverages in case you are in the mood. Now, you can enjoy a personalised barista experience as well with Costa Coffee. There is also complimentary Wi-Fi that you can access and keep working if you like. You get the benefit of direct boarding when you are in the Business Class lounge, and if you want to doze off in a quiet area, you have the luxury to do that as well!

Emirates Business Class In-flight Entertainment


The in-flight entertainment system is called ICE. It stands for Information, Connectivity and Entertainment. It is arguable one of the best entertainment systems any airline has. With more than 4,500+ channels and options that you can stream from, you also have the luxury of hearing your favourite music and radio channel. Also, there is Live TV in case you don’t want to miss out one of the most important games for your favourite team!

Excellent Service

One of the many reasons why Emirates Business Class beats other airlines is its excellent service. When you are travelling in the Emirates Business Class, you can expect the best flying experience you have ever had. The cabin crew that you will interact with knows over 60 languages and come from diverse backgrounds. So if you are worried about not being understood, don’t worry anymore and book your travel with the Emirates Business Class.

When travelling in the Business class of the airline, you will be availed with exclusive wine and cheese that is reserved for special guests of the airline. You can savour the wine and with that, order some of the best in-flight meals. The services are the same in both the Emirates A380 and Emirates Boeing 777. Depending on the aircraft which feels more suitable for you, you can book your travel. One thing that you are going to experience guaranteed in any of the planes that you board from Emirates is - Excellence. Travel in Emirates Business Class and experience pure flying luxury.

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