Emirates Freight Operations To Be Targeted at Dubai International

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The premier air carrier of UAE, Emirates is looked after well by the Dubai government. The airline is a subsidiary company of the Emirates Group which is owned by the government. It flies to most of the major international destinations and is considered to be one of the best and most premium airlines in the whole world. Much recently, though, the airline had to halt its commercial operations because of the ongoing pandemic - coronavirus outbreak. The outbreak has caused Emirates freight operations to be redirected to Dubai international.


Decision Taken to Streamline SkyCargo Operations 

Emirates freight operations going down to the Dubai International Airport is because that would then enable the airline to streamline its SkyCargo services. As of now, the airline’s Boeing 777-300ER aircraft are used for dedicated cargo services. This move to shift to the passenger airport by the airline would mean that the airline will be able to transport more cargo in lesser time. The passenger 777s aircraft of Emirates is capable of comfortable transporting 40t of freight in its lower deck at a time. These particular aircraft will be rescheduled to help the airline with the all-cargo services in the future.

A New Network of Cargo Operations Established 

Nail Sultan, Emirates divisional senior vice-president for cargo, said that the airline has been successful in establishing a new chain and network for their cargo operations in a short period. As of now, the airline operates on nine routes to Pakistan and India, 13 in the America and Gulf, eight in Korea, also single connections to Japan, Australia and Korea. The full freighter services of the airline are being operated in twenty destinations which include the USA, Mexico and China. There are some routes which are to be used for both full-freighter and passenger-freighter services. These particular routes are in Frankfurt, Khartoum and Madrid. The SkyCargo is helping the medical staff by transporting coronavirus testing kits and equipment around some of the major destinations of the world.

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