Emirates Marhaba Lounge: A Better Business Class Lounge Experience

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Emirates is one of the most luxurious airlines for a reason. They provide some of the most innovative and convenient services to their customers. But one of the best things about travelling with Emirates is that you will be able to enjoy the perks of its airport lounges. If airport lounges are being talked about, no one can forget the services which Emirates provides. Now Emirates has two kinds of primary airport loungesBusiness Class Lounge and First Class Lounge. But there are more kinds of innovative airport lounges which you can get access to when travelling with the airline. One of those airport lounges is the Emirates Marhaba lounge. Let’s look at what the Marhaba lounge is all about.


Emirates Marhaba Lounge

So Marhaba lounge is actually a revamped version of the airline’s Business Class lounge. Obviously, yes, it is better than the Business Class lounge. There are a lot of similarities between the two lounges as well though. You can eat and satiate your hunger in the Marhaba lounge. You can also freshen up before you board your flight. Then there is the dedicated Business Center of the airline which will allow you to do your work without any extra hassle. You can get acmes to the Marhaba lounge of the airline for a very small cost regardless of the cabin you are flying in. The highlight of this lounge is the Meet and Greet facility of it.

Meet and Greet Service

Emirates Marhaba lounge offers Meet and Greet facility to its customers. Frankly, this is the highlight of the lounge. If you have very less time on your hands and want to get through very fast at the airport, you will love the Meet and Greet service. You will get a very speedy clearance through the arrivals and also the departures. Then there will be assistance offered for when you are travelling with your family, with your baggage, and other airport transfers. You won’t have to face any hassle at the airport, everything will be done for you.


Emirates Marhaba lounge has more benefits than just the Meet and Greet service. Let’s look at them.

  1. Peaceful Ambience - If you don’t like the noise of the airport, you will feel very relaxed inside the Marhaba lounge. There is a very peaceful ambience inside the lounge. You can literally fall asleep or finish that book that you have been meaning to read for very long.
  2. Business Services - There is a dedicated workplace inside the lounge which is called Business Center. You can take advantage of the workstations set up inside the lounge and not worry about carrying your laptop. There are other business services available as well, check with the airline policies to get it.
  3. Wi-Fi - You cannot work without internet. This is why the Emirates Marhaba lounge also comes with Wi-Fi access. You won’t have to pay anything for it. It is absolutely free and provides good speed so that you can work seamlessly.
  4. International Cuisines - If you are a food lover and like tasting new dishes, you will love the Marhaba lounge. There are many options from international cuisines which you can choose from. Along with that, there are cold and hot beverages as well. If you don’t like travelling without your coffee, don’t worry, Emirates will get it for you.
  5. Feel Fresh - With the Marhaba lounge, you can feel fresh before you board your flight. There is a shower spa which you can access inside the lounge and get fresh. While you are busy, the airline will take care of your clothes and iron them for you.

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