Emirates Medical Insurance Will Offer Financial Aid to Passengers: Check Details

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The state-owned and flag carrier of UAE, Emirates is adopting multiple measures to boost travel in difficult times. Since the outbreak of Covid-19 exploded around the globe, all the countries announced a lockdown period to combat the deadly virus. All the international operations were restricted, and only cargo operations were allowed. As Emirates fly to international routes, the carrier faced heavy financial burden. Now, as the aviation industry is slowly reviving, Emirates have come up with coronavirus insurance to boost travel and ensure the safety of passengers. The insurance will be valid for 31 days from the moment passengers will take the flight. However, passengers must note that the testing costs will not be included in the coronavirus insurance.


Emirates Will Cover Medical Insurances and Quarantine Costs

Emirates have partnered up with NEXtCARE, which is the arm of travel insurance provider Allianz to offer medical insurance to its passengers. In case if any of the passengers boarding Emirates flight gets Covid-19, the airline will pay their medical expenses up to $176,000. Apart from this, the airline will also pay $118 per day for quarantine for up to two weeks. If the passengers, unfortunately, die due to the virus, the airline will pay $1,765 for passengers funeral. Passengers must also note that testing costs will not be included in the insurance and they must contact the airline to get expenses approved before paying them.

Emirates is Trying to Increase Demand and Passenger Revenue

Emirates have faced huge financial losses due to the outbreak of Covid-19. The airline witnessed a 90% fall in demand last month. However, the airline operated various cargo operations and domestic flights to keep financial stability. But, the long haul international operations took a deep hit. Now the airline is seeking different ways to increase the demand and passenger revenue. The coronavirus insurance will aid the passenger and ensure a comfortable and hassle-free journey. Apart from this, the airline is already taking all the precautionary measures to offer safer air travel to its passengers.

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