Emirates New Flying Policies For Passengers and Crew

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Emirates new flying policies are aimed at making the travel safe for passengers. The airline has already started flying a limited number of passenger flights now. It is doing everything that an airline can do to make the flight as safe as possible. Now, the cabin crew and the ground staff which come directly into contact with passengers will be wearing personal protective gear (PPE). These gear include - a safety visor, disposable gown over the uniforms, gloves, and masks. It has become mandatory for all the passengers and staff to be wearing face masks and gloves at the Dubai International Airport. 


No Cabin Baggage Allowed Anymore

Right from the time you enter the airport to the time you land in your destination, you have to keep wearing your protective gears. This is to ensure that no one in the check-in line or the aircraft can get coronavirus from someone else. But a significant change that has been introduced by the airline is that there is no more cabin baggage allowed anymore. But you can still carry some items with you to cabins such as laptops, tablets, baby items, or a small briefcase. Don’t worry, though, the cabin baggage allowance will be now added to the check-in baggage allowance.

None Of The Middle Seats To Be Occupied

This is a move almost every airline in the world is following. The middle seats are left unoccupied. This is to ensure that social distancing rules are followed. In addition to this, Emirates is going to serve food and beverages in the plane in bento-style boxes. This to ensure that the contact between the customers and crew can be minimised. At the Dubai International Airport and in the way to board the plane from terminals, everywhere indicators have been placed to help people follow social distancing.

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