Emirates to Introduce Premium Economy Sears in Airbus A380 in 2020

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Dubai-based airline Emirates is all set to launch a premium economy cabin in 2020. The new class will provide a taste of first-class facilities to the passengers who cannot afford an actual first-class. Emirates will launch a premium economy on its new Airbus A380 aircraft. Once introduced, Emirates will be the first airline in the Gulf to offer Premium Economy.

“It’s about targeting and pleasing some customers flying in the economy who want to fly a better class but not business class,” UAE publication The National quoted Emirates’ commercial director Thierry Antinori. “It’s about up-selling the economy to premium-economy and not a down-selling business class to premium-economy,” he said.

Emirates premium economy

Emirates Premium Economy Seats 

The new premium economy class will have better seats, in-flight entertainment options, and improved catering services compared to the economy class. According to the information, Emirates CEO Tim Clark told Australian Business Traveller, the new premium economy will have its cabin, likely with own lavatory, and complete separation from the regular economy. The airline promises a comfortable zone for the passengers with its premium economy cabin.

In Airbus A380s aircraft with no first-class, the new premium economy class will be located on the superjumbo’s upper deck. For Airbus A380s aircraft with first-class, the new cabin will be at the front of the lower deck. The class will have as many as 56 seats, according to Tim Clark. The seats will be ‘sleeperette’ and have space to cradle the legs and feet.

Premium Economy Also Likely on Boeing 777

There are numerous rumours that Emirates is planning to use an Eclipse design from seat maker HAECO for premium economy class. The speculations started when HAECO stated that Eclipse would launch “in an  unnamed Middle East-based airline... beginning flying with the seats in 2020.”

Emirates is also planning to add Premium Economy on its Boeing 777 jets at a later stage. On Boeing 777, there will be more likely around 26-28 seats, behind Business Class but in front of economy.

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