Emirates Skywards Blue: Travel Benefits with the Exclusive Membership

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The Emirates Skywards Blue is a membership tier of the airline. It is the first tier of Emirates yet offers tons of benefits. With the membership tiers of the airline, you can earn flight rewards, airport lounge access, upgrade your seats, and the more flights that you book with the airline, the more benefits you earn. Emirates Skywards is an award-winning programme looking after the advantages of the customers. As soon as you become a member of the program, you can take advantage of perks your tier offers and you can move up in the tiers by simply flying more with Emirates. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits that you can earn with the airline.


Book Flights with Skywards Miles Online

Emirates allows customers to book flights with the Skywards miles that they have earned. Not only can you book flights, but also upgrade your existing booking with the Skywards miles that you have. At the same time, there are more benefits which are exclusively reserved with the Skywards members of the airline. The offer given to you might be different depending on the country you are living in. You can also earn rewards when you book your flights with the partner airlines of Emirates. There is also the option of nominating a travel coordinator for yourself. When you do that, your coordinator will be taking care of your every movement of your journey. Emirates will remember all of your personal preferences while travelling so that you don’t have to request it every time you fly with the airline. Skywards members of the airline also get priority on the waitlist while booking over normal passengers.

Purchase Instant Upgrades with Emirates Skywards

If you want to upgrade your flight and you are in a hurry so you can’t do it online, then you can upgrade your flight conveniently from the check-in desk. You can move to Business Class from Economy, or First Class from Business Class depending on your wish. Not only this, but you can also upgrade flights for your family members. Emirates Skywards Blue members can access the Business and First class lounge of the airline but they will have to pay for it. One of the best perks of being a member of the Skywards Blue is that you can get discounts for whatever you in your travel destination till the time you are doing it with the partners of the airline. Along with that, you can also earn Skywards Miles when you book with the partners of the airline.

How to Earn and Spend Skywards Miles?

To earn Skywards miles, all you have to do is travel with the airline and book with its partners. However, the number of miles that you earn depends on the kind of seat you have book for yourself and the route that you are flying in. One of the interesting things is that the higher your tier is, the more miles you earn. To reach the next tier of the airline, you will have to keep earning tier miles. Firstly, they help you retain your current membership and also allow you to upgrade. You can also buy Skywards miles in case you want to and pool all your miles into an account made for your family. Spending is a no brainer. You can pay for the complete price of your ticket using your miles. In case you don’t have enough miles, then you can also pay partly with miles and partly in cash. You can also use the miles to upgrade your flight in the last moment.

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