Emirates Skywards Silver: Earn Bonus Miles For Flying

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Emirates Skywards Silver is the second tier of the airline for its loyalty program. The airline has ensured that its customers in the Silver tier receive more benefits than the ones in the Blue tier. But with that, Emirates has also made it possible for the flyers in Blue tier to reach the Silver tier just by earning more tier Miles. If you didn’t know, Emirates Skywards is an award-winning loyalty programme. You can enjoy many benefits while travelling with Emirates if you are signed up for this programme. Let’s take a look at all you get with the Emirates Skywards Silver.


Booking Flights With Emirates Skywards Silver Membership

If you are a member of the Emirates Skywards Silver-tier and you book yourself a flight with Emirates or any of its partners, you are going to earn Flyer Miles. At the same time, you will automatically be eligible for getting flight upgrades. With the Silver tier, you will get special offers made for just privileged members. One of the most interesting things that you can do is nominate yourself a travel coordinator, so they can take care of your account for all the future bookings and itineraries for your trip to keep some of that travel load off your shoulders.

Also, Emirates will take all of your preferences into account so when you return to travel with the airline, you don’t have to face any hassle of getting things rearranged. They will be done for you before-hand. On all the regular seats, you will get the benefit of choosing a seat of your liking. In addition to this, you can carry 12KG’s of extra luggage with yourself for free. You will get a priority in the airline’s waitlist over the normal passengers and Blue tier members of the airline.

Airport Benefits of the Silver Membership

While at the airport, you can purchase yourself instant upgrades with the help of Miles that you have earned by travelling with the airline. You will get the benefit of priority check-in and boarding as well. Members in the Silver tier of the airline can get complimentary access to any of the Emirates Business Class lounges in Dubai. But for the First class lounge, you will have to upgrade by paying a fee for it.

Other Benefits with the Emirates Skywards Silver Membership

There are more benefits with Emirates Skywards Silver tier of the airline. You will get many other advantages when you book services and travel with partners of the airline. You can avail yourself instant discounts while dining outside or booking hotels with the Skywards Miles which you earn with the airline. Then there is ‘Your World Rewards’ as well.

7One of the other benefits which you must know about is earning ‘bonus’ Skywards Miles. Every time you fly with the flydubai, you will earn 25% bonus Skywards Miles when you are a member of Skywards Silver tier. Even when you are travelling in the Economy class of the airline, you can check-in through the Business Class check-in counters. One thing that you should be wary of is your Skywards Miles expiring. Unless you are a Platinum tier of the airline, your Skywards Miles are subject to expiry. Ensure that you know the exact dates of when your Miles will expire so that you can take advantage of them before they go away. You can also purchase Miles from the airline and gift it to someone you love.

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