Etihad Airways Economy Class: Is It Worth Boarding?

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Etihad Airways is the second-largest airline in the UAE, and people love it for obvious reasons. Its services are excellent, and you are bound to get a fruitful experience of flying with Etihad Airways. Coming to the Etihad Airways Economy Class seats, are they good enough? When you are flying in the Etihad Airways Economy Class, you will experience that it doesn’t feel like economy at all. You can choose a seat of your liking with the airline and sleep all your way through if you want. You will be provided with comfortable full-size blankets and plenty of room to be able to relax. Let’s Look at the Etihad Airways Economy Class in a little detail.


Etihad Airways Economy Class Seats

When you book a flight with the Etihad Economy Class, you will be able to choose a seat of your liking. With this, the seats are wider than how economy class seats are. You can get cosy on your seat by reclining it and stretching your legs. All the passengers are provided with full-sized blankets and pillows so that they can get even more comfortable. If you want, you can get an entire row for yourself in the economy class by opting for the Economy Neighbour-Free option provided by the airline. You will have to bid for the seats to get it for yourself though. All the seats are equipped with adjustable back support and have a unique headrest.

Etihad Airways Economy Class Food

If there is one thing which people never want to compromise on is the quality of their food. When you are flying with an airline such as Etihad, you won’t be disappointed. Everything served to you will be of excellent quality so that your flight experience does not ruin. You will have the option for ordering both veg and non-veg meals. In addition to which you will get plenty of options in both veg and non-veg meals. You can also go for snacks and beverages in case you don’t want to go for a complete meal. There is also an option for ordering special meals in case you want something exotic and of your taste. One of the best things about Etihad Airways Economy Class food is that there are options for even children. Everyone knows that children don’t like their food to be too complicated; simple food items are more appealing to them. There are many child-friendly meals that you can pre-book if you are travelling with a child.

Etihad Airways Economy Class Entertainment System

If you get bored in your flight, your flight experience ruins. Etihad Airways understands this, and that is why they provide you with one of the best in-flight economy class entertainment systems. Every seat is equipped with USB ports so that you can charge your laptops and smartphones. Along with this, you will have the option of using the Wi-Fi as well so you can text your friends from the sky. You can also call people up from the air. The charges for the call will be directly applied to your service provider. Wi-Fi also doesn’t come for free; you will have to purchase packages which are quite expensive.

Download the E-Box app on your device and stream movies and TV shows while on the flight. You can also listen to music or read the e-magazine of the airline. E-Box stream on your devices is only available on the airline’s A320 and A321. Rest of the aircraft are equipped with flat-screen in front of your seats so that you can stream content directly from it.

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