Etihad Airways Launches New Map To Show Risk of Travelling to Particular Global Destinations

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Etihad Airways is the second-largest airline of the United Arab Emirates. Etihad has come up with a new map which helps travellers from across the globe to check risk from Coronavirus at any domestic and international destination. The website of Etihad Airways keeps on updating the data so as to provide news to the customers with utmost accuracy and the map can be accessed by anyone through the official website. Etihad has also made sure to showcase the restrictions and regulations that various destinations have in their region. Information from government policies regarding CoronaVirus to transport rules, social distancing and tourism can all be viewed within a click of a button. All the countries have their own COVID-19 evaluation websites or applications. In this system, red zones are the areas that have a higher number of COVID-19 patients whereas green zones are the areas where there are less to zero number of patients. The map also showcases the number of active cases in the country and if in any case, the data is uncertain, then the map reflects "showing irregular reporting".

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Canadian Travel Risk Management Company Powers The Etihad Airways Map

Sitata is a company which helps in planning a trip, managing the itinerary and avoiding travel disruptions. Sitata's website read, "since the beginning of the outbreak, our customer support lines have been inundated with questions from travellers asking if they should travel or not and what their risk might be. We realised that, despite all of our collective efforts, some individuals are still going to travel if they can, and so we assembled this tool to try to highlight the associated risks and keep people informed as best we can."

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Importance Of Checking Country Regulations

Apart from launching the map, Etihad Airways has also asked the travellers to keep a check on rules and regulations of various countries regarding the pandemic themselves. The airline said - "it's really important that you read these guidelines before you travel, and follow them at all times. If you're flying with any of our codeshare partner airlines, always check their regulations before you fly."

The airline had earlier launched a self-assessment tool to check the possibility of having caught the virus which was powered by AI. Also, Etihad has started having Wellness Ambassadors onboard along with enhancing hygiene and safety measures.

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