Etihad Airways Is Bringing Contactless Kiosks To Ensure Safety Of Passengers

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Right now, the demand for air travel has dropped significantly. It will be like this for a few years now until the time people think that it is safe for them to travel by air. One of the airlines, Etihad Airways, is bringing contactless kiosks to ensure the safety of passengers and to build trust back with them over flying. These contactless kiosks will check the temperature, respiratory rate, and heart rate and will identify travellers who are at a health risk. Etihad Airways has already continued a small number of passenger flights, and this measure from the airline only seems to be rational at the time.


Kiosks To Be At Trial Usage Until May

The airline needs to ensure that this contactless kiosk is working the way it is supposed to. To check its efficiency, these kiosks are only at a trial usage until May. Etihad Airways pilot project will introduce the new technology at the Abu Dhabi airport by the end of the month. This technology will help the airports in identifying the potential passengers who are suffering from COVID-19 and can transfer it to others.

Just A Warning Indicator, Not A Doctor

The airline has clarified that the contactless kiosks are not the doctors to treat the symptoms of the COVID-19, but they will only flag those symptoms to create an alert. If a person is found to be a potential carrier of the virus, he/she won’t be allowed to drop-in the check-in luggage and would be advised by the staff over teleconference on what to do next. You can enable this hands-free device only by your voice. These contactless kiosks are manufactured by an Australian company called Elenium Automation.

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