Etihad Airways Now Recording Technical Logs of Flights Digitally

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Etihad Airways recently announced that it will record technical logs of the flights digitally. Until now, all the technical logs were recorded in papers. But now going paperless will help the airline in becoming more eco-friendly. To do this, Etihad Airways has sought and received permission from the General Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA). Both Etihad Airways and GCAA are interested in going paperless and recording eTech logs of the flights. The airline is going to start doing this on its fleet of Boeing 777 freighters for now. More on the story ahead.


Etihad Airways to Record eTech Logs on Boeing 777 Freighters

Etihad Airways is going to start recording eTech logs on the Boeing 777 freighters initially. This will be kind of a test phase for the airline with GCAA which will be reviewed for the first three months. Now the flight crew and engineers of the airline will not use paper logbooks to record all the maintenance and flight information.

There is an obvious benefit of going paperless and it is that the airline will be more eco-friendly. But there is also a technical benefit of it. Now the information will be recorded in real-time and with that, accessing flight data and logs will become much easier. Thus it will aid the airline and its stakeholders in increasing operational efficiency and reducing costs.

The recording of eTech logs will add to the airline’s sustainability programme which seeks to reduce its carbon footprint. This will also add to innovation in the aviation industry. It is really surprising that in an age where technology is dominating every field and sector, most of the airlines are still recording technical logs using papers.

By recording eTech logs on all of Etihad’s freighter fleet, approximately 166 trees will be saved per annum. As for CO2 emission, it will reduce by 6 metric tonnes per annum. The airline is also planning to implement the recording of eTech logs on its fleet of Boeing 787 Dreamliners by 2021.

Paul Kear, Senior VP Technical, Etihad Airways said, “Etihad remains committed to driving value to the aviation industry, regardless of the current COVID-19 crisis, and we thank the GCAA for their continued support.”

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