Etihad and Boeing Reportedly Working on Greener Dreamliner

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Etihad is working in close proximity with Boeing to sort out a design and working for a Dreamliner which is ‘greener’. From greener, it is being implied that something which is good for nature. Etihad is no doubt one of the biggest premium airlines in the world. It offers some of the finest airline services. Partnering up with Boeing to build a new greener Dreamliner would certainly give a boost to the airline’s reputation. Along with that, it will also reduce the carbon emissions into Earth’s atmosphere. Along with that, both companies are targeting to reduce noise pollution as well.

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Etihad Already Has 38 Boeing Dreamliners

Etihad already has a fleet of 38 Dreamliners from Boeing. The airline acquired its first Dreamliner back in 2014. Since then, it has got 30 of 787-9 and 8 of 787-10 Dreamliners from the aircraft manufacturer. The 787-10 Dreamliner is a fairly new series of aircraft and the airline got its 8th one on January this year. But an interesting thing to note about 787-10 Dreamliners is that Boeing only equips this aircraft with two cabin classes - Business and Economy.

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Boeing’s ‘ecoDemonstrator Program

This new program from Boeing is calling the ecoDemonstrator program. The program aims to make the flying process more efficient and clean and decrease fuel emissions and minimising air pollution as much as possible. Along with that, Boeing and Etihad are looking to reduce noise pollution as well. For people who are near the airport, living or working, are disturbed by the take-off and landing of aircraft. With its new program, Boeing is looking to reduce the noise of taking off and landing.

For the tests, Boeing and Etihad are going to use the brand new Etihad B787-10 Dreamliner. The tests will start in August. Results of these tests will determine how much scope is possible to improve the aircraft in a short span of time. Other airlines will also benefit from the results of this test.

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